Episode 250 – The Junior Jedi Training Manual Experience

It’s our 5-year anniversary and this week we our pledging our undying love to Star Wars by renewing our vows and taking the JEDI OATH with the 1999 masterpiece known as The Junior Jedi Training Manual.  This amazing CD / book combo was released for kids with The Phantom Meance and it seriously almost made us explode.  Join us as we freak out a little, wonder if we are getting high from sounds, discuss robots in trench coats and meet exotic new Adult Aliens.  It’s the ultimate experience in Star Wars madness and we are thrilled to be back!   So, take the Jedi Oath with us and celebrate the love! 


“LIVE” from Blast Points Podcast world headquarters, it’s Jason and Gabe with a special unboxing video featuring amazing, exclusive products from the Star Wars Celebration online store!!  PLUS : learn all about the Empire Strikes Back CONTEST where YOU could win 4 JEDI MASTER passes to the next Celebration!   The Force is with us & thanks for watching BPV! A huge thank you to ReedPOP, Star Wars Celebration and Lucasfilm for this opportunity! Find all these items and so many more at the Star Wars

Celebration Store: https://bit.ly/2ISJUsB

Additional cool links:

Empire Strikes Back Sweepstakes Entry Page: https://bit.ly/3mtKMli

Star Wars Celebration Homepage: https://bit.ly/3nA1792

See you there in 2022!


It’s the epic conclusion to SAGA YEAR, and in true RISE OF SKYWALKER fashion, it’s a DYAD of episodes!  What we loved in one and what still confuses & frustrates us in the other!  Klaud!  Ochi of Bastoon!  Rey Skywalker! Palpatine!  Bee Gees Luke & more.  It’s a therapy session couple episodes and it’s our final episodes of the year!!   SO CELEBRATE THE LOVE & LISTEN TODAY!

Episode 247 – Return of the Blast Points Holiday Special

It’s the Return of the Blast Points Holiday Special!  The greatest holiday tradition ever is back!  We made it home for Life Day and we are joined by tons of SPECIAL GUESTS and FRIENDS sharing their magical Star Wars holiday memories and traditions!  

PLUS : “The Client” meets Santa, Chewbacca reads Twas The Night Before Christmas, a special call from “George Lucas” & Boba Fett vs. St. Nick!  

So look for that armor under the AC/DC record and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 246 – The Art of The Art of The Mandalorian Season 1

The book we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, Phil Szostak’s amazing The Art of The Mandalorian Season 1!  Join Jason and Gabe as they dive into the book’s fascinating details like how the show got started, the wild history of live action Star Wars on TV and how the unique nature of the show led to a slightly different and more streamlined design process.  If that wasn’t enough excitement, they pick thier personal favorite pieces of art from the book! 

PLUS – BURNING QUESTIONS LIKE: How did one rainy day in 2005 predict the future of Star Wars?  How many times is Ewoks The Battle for Endor mentioned in the book?  Will Dave Filoni ever write a children’s book & more!!

So sneak into the Skywalker Ranch Archives & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 245 – SAGA YEAR – The Last Jedi Rian Johnson Commentary Commentary

Saga Year continues and its finally time for this little movie that nobody ever talks about, THE LAST JEDI.  Join us as we take a look at writer / director / king / wizard Rain Johnson’s insightful and fascinating commentary for the film and all the secrets that it holds.  From force connections, the hero’s journey, Luke’s role to Young Ones references, this is the commentary that is spark that’ll light the fire of your TLJ love!  

So, hang out on a beach with Rick Carter, watch out for Cliffs, celebrate the love & listen today!  

Episode 244 – From A Certain Point of View – Empire Strikes Back Super Review Adventure

The new From A Certain Point of View short story anthology for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back is here and we’re celebrating the only way we know how with a giant-sized episode where we review ALL 40 STORIES! Join us as we discuss each one and rate them in our scientifically proven scale of WIZARD, POSSIBLY or POODOO. Where do we wildly disagree? What stories made us want to run down the street naked? What stories answered Empire secrets we’ve wondered about for 40 years? Does Veers say “maximum power” or “maximum firepower”? All these burning secrets and more are discussed in this fun filled, action packed episode! So do the Triple Lindy, listen today & celebrate the love!!

Episode 243 – The Noses of Star Wars with TOM SPINA!

The time has finally come for us to talk about one of the most important topics ever : THE NOSES OF STAR WARS!  Yes, we are taking a beyond in depth look at the nasal cavities of the original trilogy & WHO KNOWS WHAT WE FIND IN THERE?! But we can’t do it alone, so with us on this quest into the unknown is friend of the show and resident wizard at Regal Robot and Tom Spina Designs, the one and only Tom Spina. Join us as we ask questions like : Was Chewbacca’s nose soft? Is the Toadstool Terror a giant nose? And why is Darth Vader’s nose so interesting? Together we go deeper into the noses of the galaxy far far away then anyone has before! LISTEN TODAY AND CELEBRATE THE LOVE!


Episode 242 – Mandalorian 2 Madness 2 Freakout

The Mandalorian season 2 has arrived and left us in a state of absolute SHOCK. Join us as we discuss this first episode, The Marshall and pretty much deliriously freak out about everything.  From major reveals to prequel love, alien combovers, bartenders, aspect ratio changes, Galaxy Rangers and Krayt Dragon calls, this episode has it all.   So brush that Bantha’s teeth and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 241 – SAGA YEAR – The Hype Awakens

Saga Year continues as we look all the way back into that ancient history time of 2015 and when the HYPE for The Force Awakens was so all consuming.  For 12 months, we were all in a Star Wars powered super tornado of trailers, reveals, weird sad dad commercials, hot excitement and most of all, fun.   Join us as we look back on this special time and wonder if it could ever happen again and what the best and worst things about that time were.    So fire up that “cross guard” lightsaber and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!   PLUS : the final SNOKETOBERFEST OF 2020!!  Will Snoke tell a joke?  TUNE IN & FIND OUT!