Episode 144 – Unfinished Clone Wars business & the Bad Batch that’s so good

Saved, The Clone Wars are and Jason and Gabe are joining the Clone Army in the fight!!  This week is all about unfinished Clone Wars, what stories have been hinted at, what came out in books or comics, what was almost done and may be yet to come when Anakin, Obi-Wan  and Ahsoka Tano return next year!  They also take an in depth look at the incredible almost finished Bad Batch arc of episodes and wonder why they’ve never watched them before and discuss how that may hint at the future of Clone Wars!!

‪PLUS: The Mandalorian is still freaking us out, Episode 9 filming location speculation and SNOKETOBERFEST

So pray to a tree & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!!

Watch Bad Batch on StarWars.com or YouTube


Episode 183 – Raiders of the Star Wars Lost Cut

Is there a version of Star Wars out there that is not Star Wars?  What makes Star Wars what it is and just why is the film’s unique editing style so vital to it’s success?  Jason and Gabe examine the mystery and legend of the mythical “lost cut” of Star Wars!  What is this “lost cut”?  It is the very different early black and white rough edit version of ANH that was neither faster or more intense!  Who’s seen it?  How did it happen?  Where is it?  What bits of it are already out there? Tune in as we go over what’s been released, what only a few people have seen and wonder what other mysteries the original 1977 film could still have.

‪PLUS : We completely loose our minds over The Mandalorian! wonder about where Resistance could go! and the return of SNOKETOBERFEST!!

So go find Desmond in the hatch and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!


Resistance Review – The Recruit

Resistance Reviews
“The Recruit”


“It’s a film for 12-year-olds. This is what we stand for. You’re about to enter the real world. You’re moving away from your parents. You’re probably scared, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Here’s what you should pay attention to: Friendships, honesty, trust, doing the right thing.”   -George Lucas 

He’s right, you know?  Star Wars was always designed to be stories for young people. Many of the fans out there are people who discovered it when they young and as we’ve heard them say so many times, had it capture their imagination.  Fans grow older, life gets more complicated and some expect their old childhood buddy Star Wars to grow and get more complicated with them.  Time to go out, get a job and pay your taxes, Star Wars!  Depending on what story you watch and from what perspective you view it with, the galaxy far far away may have actually gotten more layered for a older viewing audience.  Heck we just had that a little movie who’s big lesson was one of observing failure as one of life’s greatest teachings tools.  But often the best way to view the saga is through the eyes of the young.

Star Wars Resistance, the latest show from Lucasfilm animation embraces the whole “for the 12 year olds” thing like a Wookiee hug.   It’s a fast paced, candy colored story about a likeable goofball named Kaz Xiono who is tasked with pretending to be a new hot shot pilot so he can secretly spy on the growing sinister First Order.  Kaz, like many of the characters and much like Ezra Bridger in Star Wars Rebels, can sometimes come on a little too strong, even for a kids show.  Star Wars is always about the underdog becoming the hero but the idea of yet another show about a slightly whiny, slightly bratty dark haired young guy being our focal point for a series makes me sigh a little.

The show does shine with the fact that at least  right now Kaz’s mission is refreshing small in it’s scope.  The fate of the entire galaxy is not resting on his shoulders which is rare for a Star Wars main character.  There’s no Jedi here (yet), no lightsabers, and not one mention of The Force.   We are able to have episodes just letting us get to know the interesting folks sound Kaz, the cool aliens that live and work on the Colossus and just focus on some seriously fun ship racing moments.

It’s always been my thought that the Star Wars galaxy is big enough and diverse enough to tell all kinds of stories about all kinds of characters and Resistance is a big step in that direction.  The animation here is fluid and bright and is a perfect match to the show’s breezy tone and the sound work by the pros at Skywalker Sound is especially exceptional.   And most important of all, the aliens and creatures on display pull from the backgrounds of the prequels, sequels and some lesser seen OT classics.   It’s a nice marriage of the entire saga and you can feel the affection for the universe coming from every frame of the show.

Both of the previous Star Wars animated shows started with fairly basic introductions to their worlds and characters and grew much more complex over time and I have a feeling the same is true with Resistance.   If what we see in series opener The Recruit is any example, Kaz and the this story of ace pilots and the Resistance will be with us for a while and will be a welcome addition to the saga.


Kenner Action Figure Commercial of the Week

In keeping with the Mandalorian Fever that is currently gripping the nation, we present our first ever Kenner Action Figure Commercial of the Week: the Boba Fett 12 inch figure!

This commercial is absolute gold from beginning to end with Boba sassing Vader, looking at a dog and showing off his sweet gloves.   That 12 inch Boba was one of the coolest things ever made and is still the ultimate in classic large size Star Wars figures. Can’t wait to see if there’s a 12 figure for THE MANDALORIAN!!

Got a favorite classic Kenner commercial?  Let us know and we’ll have yours featured soon!

Use The Forks – Star Wars Cooking

Star Wars Cooking


The only complaint I have about Rogue One, is that it needed more Moroff. He’s the fluffiest mercenary on Saw’s team! He doesn’t say much in the film, but apparently the vocoder he wears on his face, translates his grumpy, rude comments into much kinder pleasantries.

He looks like he’s closely related to Wampas, which might explain his grumpiness…? He’s strong and handy with a weapon, making him an asset to any team. Good thing he’s working AGAINST the Galactic Empire.
Did Moroff make it out of Jedah City unharmed? My heart tells me “Yes.”
To honor the coolest member of Saw’s militia, and a rebel with far too little screen time, let’s all enjoy a batch of S’Moroffs.

Makes 16 bars

  • 1 sleeve (9 full) graham crackers
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows (I recommend Dandies)
1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Spray an 8X8 pan with non-stick spray, and line with parchment paper. Set aside.
2. Crush the graham crackers and transfer to a large bowl.
3. Add the sugar and melted butter and mix together.
4. Press the crumb mixture into the bottom of your baking pan, using the bottom of a glass to really press everything down.
5. Bake for 5-7 minutes, then remove from the oven and allow to cool for about 10 minutes.
6. While your graham cracker base is cooling, make the ganache: Place chocolate chips in a heat-proof bowl (glass or ceramic).
7. In a small pot, heat the cream until it just begins to simmer, and small bubbles form around the edges.
8. Pour the heated cream over the chocolate chips and allow to sit for about a minute.
9. Stir the mixture until it becomes creamy in texture and uniform in color.
10. Once your crumb base has cooled, pour the chocolate ganache on top, and spread it out evenly.
11. Place the pan in the fridge until the ganache is firm, about 10 minutes.
12. Place the marshmallows on top of the ganache, covering as much of the ganache as you can, but keeping the marshmallows in a single layer.
13. Either place the pan under a pre-heated broiler in your oven to brown the marshmallows, or use a kitchen torch to toast them.
14. Cut the bars into squares and serve immediately.
15. S’More S’Moroffs, anyone?

Episode 142 – Where’s the Solo Blu Ray I Met At The Beach?

We are finally able to watch Solo : A Star Wars at home and this week Jason & Gabe are digging into all the bonus features it has to offer!  Weird deleted scenes! Roundtable discussions!  Little documentaries!  What’s the deal with Solo at home and how does it all compare to past Star Wars releases?  What’s great, what’s missing and why is Solo the Star Wars movie that can just never catch a break?  Tune in & find out!

PLUS : a hairy BeardWatch update! Resistance stuff!  The start of the epic SnokeToberFest, listener reviews, Obi-Wan Beatle impressions & lots and lots of Grease talk.

So get kicked out of the Imperial Academy & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!


Episode 141 – Beyond Jizz Rock

Meco was just the beginning! This week Jason and Gabe go into the deep and crazy corners of that genre of music known as JIZZ ROCK! What’s Jizz Rock? Wookieepedia defines it as: a genre of music. Jizz-wailers were musicians who specialized in the genre. Max Rebo and his band were popular Jizz-wailers. Got that?
Tune in as we listen to 20 Star Wars inspired Jizz classics and determine if they wail or fail! From Bar Wars to Lando Jazz, we listen to it all!
So kick in some car doors and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!

Check out Yacht Rock’s fantastic podcast Beyond Yacht Rock!

Star Wars Rocks art by Hugh Fleming


Episode 140 – Dark Empire, Dark Luke, Dark Horse & Dark Expectations

This week Jason and Gabe are jumping into the Force Storm and talking all about the epic 1991 Star Wars comic, DARK EMPIRE!  It was the best selling Star Wars comic of the time, it came out just months after Heir to the Empire, it launched SW at Dark Horse and it was a major game changer.  These books first gave us Battle Droids, Holocrons, Dark Side Luke Skywalker and possibly lead to some lofty expectations on what the post ROTJ galaxy was like.  We go into how it happened, it’s odd story and how it’s rich legacy is still felt today!

PLUS :  Episode 9 location speculation, Solo at home, the Escape from L.A. connection & so much more!!

So join the naked Palpatine boy band & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Episode 139 – Adventures In ABCs With Star Wars And Poetry! (BACK TO SCHOOL)

It’s back to school time and Blast Points is here to help with our look at 1984’s thought provoking & bizarre read along book & record, Star Wars Adventures in ABCs!  Read by William Woodson and of course Anthony Daniels, it’s a strange trip through Star Wars, the alphabet and experimental poetry.  What Star Wars thing relates to what letter?  Is Greedo’s theme music revealed?  And what does it have to do with 1989 thrash metal kings Gothic Slam?  Listen & find out!!

PLUS : The return of Episode 9 BeardWatch and terrifying Galaxy’s Edge news!

So get out your bongos & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Experience the art of Adventures in ABCs here: https://youtu.be/_GtW6Zo60Dg


EPISODE 138 – The Force Of THX – 1138

It’s episode 138 so that can only mean this week Jason and Gabe are talking all about George Lucas’ first feature film, the fantastic THX-1138!  How did the film even happen and what are it’s themes and visual cues that are present in Star Wars’ past & present?  How did the basic DNA of THX-1138 show up in Clone Wars?  The Last Jedi?  Tune in as Blast Points goes into the void prison and discovers there is even more THX-1138 in the galaxy, far, far away then we first thought!

PLUS:  We catch up on the news with Episode 9 casting!  Resistance!  The live action TV show!  Jean Claude Van Damme!  and more!

So buy more, be happy & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!