Episode 131 – The Spielberg Connection


Ever wish Spielberg would get the chance to direct a Star Wars movie?  Well he’s gotten pretty close & has had a ton of creative connections to the saga’s past, present and future!  This week Jason and Gabe explore the long and surprising influence George’s buddy Steven Spielberg has had on all of the Star Wars. From the music, to the casting, to creative visions and all the way to Mustafar, Spielberg has had his fingers in the galaxy far far away more then you may know!  PLUS: juicy Episode 9 maybe casting news, serious BeardWatch stuff & much more!!

So put down your Grievous animatics & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Episode 130 : Canady Day! (A Captain Canady Celebration)

Jason and Gabe are back with an all episode where they celebrate the fallen hero of The First Order, the one and only Captain Canady!  Which maybe they should have done five bloody minutes ago!   Join them as they discuss his backstory, his motivation, how it is not the actor’s first role in the Star Wars universe, and dissect EVERY single Canady line in the film and wonder about his very sensitive anger level.

PLUS : the latest Episode 9 rumor talk and discussion of some Star Wars rumors that are too insane to ever believe!

So what are you waiting for?  Charge the auto-cannons, fire on the base, celebrate the Canady and listen today!

Episode 129 – BLAST POINTS ALIVE! Ace Comic Con Seattle Panels

Jason & Gabe did TWO live shows in front of an audience in Seattle Washington at Ace Comic Con and now YOU can listen to both of them!  Hear Saturday’s “Best of the Weird” panel as they go through highlights from 40 years of the weirdest Star Wars stuff that ever happened.  We were flown across the country to show people George Lucas Japanese commercials and clips from Turkish Star Wars and here is the audio proof!  AND you can hear Sunday’s LIVE Rusty Miller Jedi Master Trivia Challenge with the Guess The CommTech Chip bonus round!  Can anyone remember Captain Tarpals’ name?  Listen and find out!!!

PLUS : what movie they watched on the flight, where they had mind blowing pizza in Seattle and MORE!

So call up Donny Osmond, celebrate the love & listen today!

Episode 128 – The Ewok Movies Listen Along Records Read Along Experience

This week Jason and Gabe tear through the read along records for BOTH of the epic Ewok films! The fun of 1984’s Ewok Adventure aka Caravan of Courage! The weird real life darkness drama of 1985’s Battle for Endor! In all of their vinyl glory!  Why would Ben Solo like them, why does Gabe want an Ewok yearbook and lots of Wilford Brimley talk!  PLUS : The  Lucas microbiotic saga talk, Count Dooku in Star Wars video games and more!  Celebrate the love & listen today!

Episode 127- The Art Of The Art Of Solo

Join Jason and Gabe this week as they dive into the new book! They go over everything from early design concepts, to the fascinating time table of production history, thematic and cinematic inspirations, visual metaphors in the film and insight into the continually fascinating Star Wars design process! (and dogs singing star wars, lots of guitar solos and they finally talk about CHiPs!!)

PLUS: What’s going on with Celebration selling out? Episode 9 speculation/excitement!

So put on your spandex for Trixie and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!

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BONUS EPISODE – Interview With the Solo Premiere’s L3 – 37, Darren Moser

If you watched any of the SOLO : A STAR WARS STORY red carpet premiere, chances are you caught a glimpse of the amazing L3-37 cosplay going on in the crowd. If you were wondering who was in there, then we have the interview for you!! Join us as Jason talks with Darren Moser, the person inside the L3 about attending the premiere, building the suit and his K-2SO puppet, his future droid plans and so much more!
PLUS! more Solo lister reviews!
Listen today & celebrate the love!


Episode 126 – Masters of Tears Kasi, A Star Wars Story


Jason and Gabe are back and this week they are taking a look at that time in 1997 when everyone was super pumped for a Star Wars fighting game, MASTERS OF TERAS KASI!  It’s game almost nobody loved upon it’s release but continues to pop up over and over across the galaxy.  Qi’ra knows how to do it, but where did it come from?  How did the tech of the game relate to the prequels?  Who came up with Arden Lyn and does she know Snoke?  As most important of all, what’s the story with the Ultimate Tusken Raider, HOAR?

PLUS: our latest thoughts on Solo, the mystery of Han’s father and more!



Episode 125 – The Solo Review / Breakdown Freakout!


The movie about Kylo Ren’s dad is finally here and so is the Blast Points review/breakdown/freakout episode!!  Join us as we go through our initial thoughts on the film (which some might surprise you), and proceed into a heavy duty scene by scene, moment by moment discussion of whole thing!  Lady Proxima! The score!  The deep cut references! Watto! Han! Lando! Singing Frog Man! Sagwa the Wookiee love! How L3-37’s voice was actually first heard in 1984 and so, so much more!

So burn your plaid shirts, join the Cloud Riders Gang and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Episode 124 – LIVE from The Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit at The Detroit Institute of Arts


Join Blast Points for this LIVE recording from the Detroit Institute of Arts as they see a preview of the amazing Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit!  This spectacular exhibit showcases a wide range of star wars costumes and a surprising amount of original concept art.  Hear Jason and Gabe lose their minds as they freak out over the fan favorites and dig into the deep cuts the exhibit had to offer.

The fun begins some fascinating opening remarks from Myriam Springuel, director of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services and Elliot Wilhelm, curator of film programs and exhibitions for the DIA.

After that, join Blast Points along with their DIA guide Jordan Szaroletta as they take you on their audio tour of the entire exhibit!  From BB-8 to Bail Organa, they barely make it past Watto’s chance cubes and try to keep it together as they take in everything The Power of Costume has to offer!

So hum along to Across The Stars and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!