Episode 232 – SAGA YEAR MONTH 8 – Making an Empire. The Once Upon a Galaxy Book

It’s Saga Year and this month is all about Alan Arnold’s legendary, amazing and scandalous Empire Strikes Back making of book, Once Upon A Galaxy.   Notoriously hard to get a hold of and chock full of juicy stories, this book has a reputation for being one of the best movie making of books ever written and has a legacy still felt today.  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, we went through the book and picked 40 of the most fascinating and our favorite moments.  There’s old ladies on skis, Star Wars mythbusting, cast fights, Gary Kurtz’ record collection, lots of Last Jedi connections and so much more!   So, get out your copies of Fitness is Fun and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Episode 231 – Mos Eisley Cantinarcheology with TOM SPINA!

Because we all can’t be at Star Wars Celebration this year, we’re bringing one of our favorite things from Celebration to YOU, our friend and Regal Robot head wizard, Tom Spina’s amazing SECRETS OF THE CANTINA panel! Join as Tom delights us with hot breaking news topics like : Mos Eisley bar taxidermy, “Is That a Fish?”, The Rick Baker influence, George Lucas sitting on things, lost Greedo footage, who made what masks and so much more!! Plus, Tom shares memories from his Celebration history and he has some very exciting Regal Robot news on upcoming products that sound just right! So talk about your feelings, listen today and celebrate the love!


Cry along with Godley and Creme: https://youtu.be/ypMnBuvP5kA

Episode 230 – Mundi, Mundi

Ki-Adi-Mundi. We all know he was a superstar, a Jedi Leader, a comic book hero and a Cone Head Guy, but was he also a jerk? Join us as we explore all things Mundi and strip away the myths and look at the deeds of this memorable and confusing Jedi Master. How many wives did he have? Does he ride an ostrich? How was he created? Why does everyone know Mundi? When did he go too far being rude? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in this action packed, fun filled MundiCentric episode. So, put on your KISS makeup and get on your stolen swoop bike and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

EPISODE 229 – The Power of the Power of the Force Figures

This week we are taking it way back to 1995 and the figures that lit the spark that burned many wallets, The Power of the Force line.  These muscular, buff versions of the characters are often mocked and laughed at but they hold a very unique place in not just Star Wars toy history, but fandom history as well.  How did these so important toys come about?  What’s their story and how is their unique legacy still felt today? 

PLUS : Amazing Power of the Force figure stories from YOU, the listeners!  

So eat those Fruit Loops, send in your proofs of purchase and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 228 – SAGA YEAR MONTH 7 : The Sound of A New Hope

Saga Year continues and this month is all about the original, groundbreaking, spectacular SOUNDS OF A NEW HOPE! Join us as we listen to and discuss 92 classic sounds! That’s right – 92!! Lightsabers, Beru’s food processor, Falcon sounds, Cheez Balls, dogs in closets, John Wayne voices, Lucas & Ben making “oink” sounds and more! PLUS: what is “worldizing”, the “water tank effect” and how can the roots of Star Wars sound be heard in THX-1138 and America Graffiti? It’s a biggie sized fun filled episode so close your eyes, listen to the sounds and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Episode 227 – The Phantom Origins of the Prequels

Jedi Padawans, Utapau, Planetary blockades, invasion armies… this was all stuff that Lucas came up with just for the prequels, right?  NO!  All of these things are more can be found in the various drafts of his “space movie” he was dreaming up as early as 1973!  Join us as we look at the phantom origins of the prequels that can be found in the early story treatments and versions of The Star Wars.  From the Emperor to tombstone pledges, there’s a lot of prequel gold in those over 40 year old wild, handwritten notes. PLUS :  just when exactly did that little detail of Vader actually being Luke’s father come into play?  What could the saga have been if that was never the case?   So don’t throw out those leftovers, listen today & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 226 – The Star Wars Educational Filmstrip Experience

It’s Star Wars summer school as we take a look at the incredible Star Wars Educational film strip that was sent to schools in 1978!  YES!  Before George Lucas donated all of the Disney sale money to educational charities, there was this powerful representation of The Force in classrooms around America. Join us as we examine the film strip that tells a 20 minute version of Star Wars!  Be amazed as we go over the quiz sheets that accompanied the strip!  Be shocked as we reveal the connection to HARDWARE WARS!  It’s a laugh filled episode where you might just learn a little bit along the way too!  Go with your feelings, celebrate the love and listen today!  

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EPISODE 225 – NICK MALEY, That Yoda Guy & Beyond (featuring TOM SPINA!

This week Jason and Gabe along with our friend Regal Robot’s Tom Spina welcome the legendary creature effects and makeup artist NICK MALEY!  Nick worked on some of our favorite cantina aliens but also had A LOT to do with the creation of the original YODA puppets used in Empire Strikes Back.  Join us as Nick talks all about his time with YODA on Empire, making the cyclops and beast fro KRULL, working on LIFEFORCE, what he’s up to these days and A LOT more.  It’s an inspiring, epic conversation and we were so happy to have Nick with us!  So watch out for centipedes and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 224 – SAGA YEAR MONTH 6 : ROGUE ONE (The Art of the Art of Rogue One)

Saga Year continues as this month we take a look at ROGUE ONE and the amazing Art of Rogue One book by Josh Kushins.  Looking through it is like looking through your Rogue One dreams and it’s been often overlooked when discussing the Star Wars creative process and the making of the film.  From John Knoll’s original and fascinating Destroyer of Worlds pitch to the stories that almost were and Gareth Edward’s unique creative process, Rogue One was taking risks from the beginning.  The bold ideas Rogue One created on screen and behind the scenes can still be felt today and we’re examining all of them! Save the rebellion, save the dream and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!