Episode 383 – Midichlorians And You!

This week we’re taking a close up look at that age old question that’s puzzled millions for decades – SO WHAT THE HECK ARE MIDICHLORIANS?  Inspired by a 2013 StarWars.com article by JW Rinzler, we’re talking about how George Lucas’ thoughts on the Force and just who can use it and why have and have not changed, why Sabine’s journey in Ahsoka honors that why people should just relax about the whole microscopic life forms thing.   So take a blood sample, listen today and celebrate the love!  



Episode 382 – The Story of Star Wars Story

The Story of Star Wars record is a 46 year old classic record that somehow WE HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO. It makes no sense but this 50 minute or so audio only version of the 1977 film has been off our radar until today! Join us as we discuss the record’s history, legacy, the shocking connection to The Beatles and more, PLUS – we finally listen to the whole thing from beginning to end. Spoiler alert — it blows our minds. So, head to the beach with your boombox, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 381 – 50 Years of American Graffiti

This week we are celebrating 50 years of George Lucas’ incredible second film, AMERICAN GRAFFITI. George was challenged to make something that people could relate to and he brought his youth filled with cruising and music to the screen in a way no one had done before. And because he’s George Lucas, the film was ahead of its time, influential, groundbreaking and paved the way for his little space fantasy movie. Listen as we talk about AMERICAN GRAFFITI, how it got made, the genius of Walter Murch and more! So get in your big chair, call up Wolfman Jack, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 380 – RancorMania with TOM SPINA

This week we are thrilled to be joined once again by our friend Regal Robot’s Tom Spina as we talk all things RANCOR!  Tom’s got a very extra special big announcement and after that we are discussing how the Rancor was designed, Lucas’ wish for a big monster in a pit, the man in a suit version and how the final rod puppet we see on screen is total movie magic.  It’s a monster of an episode so get skeet surfing, celebrate the love and listen today! 

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cool video of behind the scenes Rancor action : https://youtu.be/S4U2WQA0IeY?si=ve–ngX1mSLroUhF

Episode 379 – Bark at the 9 Moons of Endor

This week it’s a Halloween treat as we get spooky with a question that has haunted us for decades – what is the deal with the 9 moons of Endor?!  If Endor is a moon, then what’s the planet and can we even call the place at the end of Return of the Jedi an actual planet?  And what’s the real world scientific connection to all of this madness? We’re all learning in this gas giant of an episode!  

PLUS – the epic final SNOKETOBERFEST of the year!  

So, sail away on Kef Bir, listen today and celebrate the love!  

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