Episode 391 – The Ranch Batch – Our Adventures in Northern California and The Bad Batch Season 3

We recently had the incredible honor to be able to do dream come true tours of Rancho Obi-Wan, Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm and as you can imagine, we have quite a few stories to tell.  Each place is amazing in all the best ways and we’re going over what happened, when it happened and we’re not leaving out the sweet potato fries. PLUS – this all led to a screening at Lucasfilm of the first 3 episodes of The Bad Batch season 3!   So surprise surprise Lando in disguise, we’re talking about those as well!  Project Necromancer!  Boba Boys!  Prison of the Mind!  Clones, clones and more clones!   

It’s a super sized Blast Points episode so get out your Motley Crue magic 8 ball, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 390 – WampaMania with TOM SPINA 

It’s total Wampa madness as we are joined once again by Regal Robot’s Tom Spina discussing the literal ins and outs of “that snow creature”.   Regal Robot has got an amazing Wampa coming out and we’re celebrating by talking for an hour about Tampa feet, Wampa eyes, Wampa spit, Wampa teeth, the Wampa licking things … you get the idea.  It’s always a great time when we’re joined by Tom and you add Wampa to that formula and you’ve got Wampa gold!

So, get out the salt, celebrate the love and listen today!  


It’s almost time for the return of our favorite squad of misfit super clones and we’re spending some quality time wondering just where their story will be going and possibly ending with season three!  Listen along as we analyze the recent Bad Batch season 3 trailer, talk about how the show is like various spices, ask the big burning questions about Tech, Boba Fett and Norky, AND take hard hitting season 3 questions from listeners!  So head to the space bayou, get a haircut droid, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 388 – The Bringing Up Norky Of Destiny

In 2004, as part of the Star Wars Fan Club, both Jason and Gabe received in the mail actual animation cels from the legendary Ewoks animated series.   For decades, Jason didn’t know who the weird creature with a flower on its head was and had his stashed away in his Art of Attack of the Clones book.   Last month he rediscovered it and found out it’s from the Ewoks season 2 episode, BRINGING UP NORKY.   So that can only mean one thing – Jason and Gabe have to watch Bringing Up Norky three times in a row!   Listen along as they make deep observations, get confused,  feel bad for the animators and compare watching it to falling asleep!  

So, get some cookies out of the pouch, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out Maureen Kuppe’s Ewok Fan Club Cels page:


Maureen is a legend :


watch Bringing Up Norky here.  If you really want to.

Episode 387 – The 70mm EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Experience

This week we’re unleashing something that we have been obsessed with lately, the original EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 70mm version!  Sure we all know how this version opened in May 1980 and Lucas had ILM change the ending adding new effects for the 35mm version that came out 3 weeks later … but what ELSE changed?  And what do people think was in the 70mm version that actually wasn’t?   Join us as we listen to and examine over 80 examples of Empire madness!  What surprised us and what changed scene made us reexamine our lives?  It’s a super sized Empire extravaganza episode so celebrate the love and listen today!  

Forum Discussion on the various changes


Star Wars.com article on Empire 70mm


Digital Bits article on Empire 70mm


Version of the 70mm Empire ending

Episode 386 – Star Wars Babies and Star Wars Is For Babies

Everyone loves Star Wars and everyone loves babies.   Therefore, everyone loves Star Wars babies!  Join us as we dare to be cute and go over all the glorious Star Wars babies and rate them in the official Baby Bracket!  What Star Wars baby made us deeply ashamed about how we’ve never discussed that baby before?  What very important baby did we almost forget about?   Which Star Wars baby reigns supreme?  Celebrate the love, listen today and kill them with cuteness!  

Episode 385 – The Reel Changes of the Prequel Trilogy

It’s a new year of Blast Points and we’re starting out with a “reel” classic as we discuss the reel changes of the prequel trilogy!   When episodes one, two and three were shown in theaters, every twenty minutes the reel of film would change and the stories flow in shockingly similar ways!  Join us as we look at what scene each film was at for each reel change and go over the many parallels!  

PLUS – we’re talking about the surprise news of THE MANDALORIAN AND GROGU movie and AHSOKA season 2!   So take your vitamins, celebrate the love and listen today!


Its holiday magic as we’ve teamed up with our friends Charlotte and Caitlin from Skytalkers and Brandon from Talking Bay 94 for the Star Wars podcasting crossover event of the century!  Join us all as we look back at everything Star Wars that happened in 2023!  Bad Batch! The Mandalorian! Visions! Celebration!  Ahsoka! And that little thing called Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny!  PLUS – we look ahead to what could be coming our way in 2024!   So celebrate the love and listen today! 



Episode 384 – Bigger Luke Bigger Holiday Episode

It’s the holiday season and we’re going big as we explore the many wild theories of BIGGER LUKE!  For years now, fans have wondered if Luke was bigger in some scenes and just how this was happening?  Is it a clone and if so, who cloned him?  Is it a force projection or is it something even wilder then that?  And most importantly, because it’s the season of believing, do WE believe in Bigger Luke?  Do you believe?  Listen and let us know!   So, take your first step into a larger world, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Explore the world of Bigger Luke here:


Episode 383 – Midichlorians And You!

This week we’re taking a close up look at that age old question that’s puzzled millions for decades – SO WHAT THE HECK ARE MIDICHLORIANS?  Inspired by a 2013 StarWars.com article by JW Rinzler, we’re talking about how George Lucas’ thoughts on the Force and just who can use it and why have and have not changed, why Sabine’s journey in Ahsoka honors that why people should just relax about the whole microscopic life forms thing.   So take a blood sample, listen today and celebrate the love!