Episode 287 – David W. Collins and the Sound of Star Wars

This week we are thrilled to welcome back sound designer / mixer for Skywalker Sound and friend of the show, David W. Collins!  Join us as we get caught up and learn all about what went into creating the world of sounds for The Bad Batch, the bold audio choices of Star Wars Visions and the fascinating stories behind our favorites, Biomes and Galaxy of Sounds!  You’ll laugh a little, you’ll learn a lot and just like us, you’re likely to be fascinated by every word David says!  So get out those headphones, listen today and celebrate the love!

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Check out his awesome podcast, The Soundtrack Show!


Episode 286 – Anatomy of Anatomy of a Dewback

If there’s one thing we love as much as Star Wars movies & shows, it’s insane Star Wars documentaries!  So this week we’re thrilled to finally be talking the legendary ANATOMY OF A DEWBACK!  This documentary not only offered a look into the momentous creation of the CG Dewback BUT broke new ground on how films were advertised online! Join us as we talk Lucas’ sweet dewback dreams, pantyhose filters, and ask the immortal question if Stormtroopers are LAME-Os.  PLUS : THE SHOCKING WEEK 2 OF SNOKETOBERFEST! Listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 285 – The 100 Minute Marks of Star Wars

This week we are tackling an extremely important Star Wars topic – what happens at the 100 minute mark of the Star Wars films?  Just like the films themselves, they’re all a little different but they all that thar certain type of galaxy far far away magic. What happens in them, how are they alike and what is our ranking of them?  It’s a Star Wars topic that’ll have you viewing the films and counting numbers in a whole new way!  

PLUS :  the dramatic return of everyone’s favorite pickled celebration, SNOKETOBERFEST!   

So get out that wax paper, celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 284 – Star Wars Visions of Love

Here’s the short of it : Star Wars Visions is here and we liked it a lot.  Actually, we loved it and in this episode we are looking at just what makes it so special, why we connected with it. which shorts sent us over the top and which ones benefit from a second viewing?  Join us as we celebrate the joys of No Rules Star Wars and compare Visions to the Beatles White Album!  So find that golden statue of George Lucas, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Episode 283 – INDY YEAR – The Sounds of Indiana Jones

Indy Year continues and it’s about time we talked about the magical wizard Ben Burtt and his contributions to the sound of Indiana Jones!  How is the sound of Indy like Star Wars?  What sets it apart?  How were some of the most iconic Indy sounds created? Join us as we listen to sounds from all 4 Indy films and share how they were created and why it’s all about toilet bowl covers, irritated chickens and cheese casserole.   
So grab your fuzzy microphone, get on Big Thunder Mountain, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 282 – Back to The Bad Batch

We’re going back to The Bad Batch!  It’s been just about a month since we’ve seen our Bad Batcher buddies and because we miss them we’re looking back at at all the greatness that was in season one.  Join us as we discuss the themes of the season, the wonderful Omega, our favorite episodes and much much more.  

So call up Soda Fett, celebrate the love and listen today!


This is it – the final day of the podcast series that has given hope to those who have none – 7 DAYS OF DENGAR!  After a week of asking WHO IS DENGAR, what have we learned? Who is that mysterious man in bandages and what has learn shown us about ourselves? What is the message of Dengar and how do we go forward after this momentous week?  All that and so much more in this thrilling conclusion!  So celebrate the love and listen today! 


It’s finally here, day 6 of the podcast series that has changed the world, 7 DAYS OF DENGAR!  Today we welcome our friends Charlote and Caitlin from Skytalkers!!   Beacause we have the hosts of one of our favorite shows on, we’re asking only the most serious Dengar questions.   Who is Dengar?  Does he have hair and yes, is it wet?  This is an insanely fun episode and it’s dengarously hilarious.   So celebrate the love and listen today!!


It’s day number 5 in the explosive week long series that has taken over the world, 7 DAYS OF DENGAR!  Today we are talking about Dengar’s wild wild wild backstory from the old EU.  Swoop bike accidents, lost love, found love and a wedding, it’s all there. There’s a lot of crazy character biographies from the EU, but Dengar’s may be one of the most epic. Tune in as we go over everything in Dengar’s past and much much more. So get a gift for Dengar’s wedding, celebrate the love and listen today!


It’s Day 4 of the podcast series that literally everyone is talking about, 7 DAYS OF DENGAR! Today, we welcome our friend Brandon from Talking Bay 94 as he fills us in on evrything about the man who was Dengar, the late great Morris Bush.  Who was he, why was he Dengar, how did he know Ringo Starr and what about him on screen in the Darth Vader suit?!?  It’s a revealing and action packed episode like only the combined stregth of BLAST POINTS and TALKING BAY 94 can deliver!  So go call Harry Nilsson, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Listen to the fantastic Talking Bay 94 anywhere podcasts are and check out the website:https://www.talkingbay94.com