Resistance Reviews – Fuel for the Fire

Resistance Reviews
“Fuel for the Fire”


In some ways, in a lot of ways, this third episode of Resistance should have had warning signs pasted all over it.  This week we have resident goof Kaz meeting a gang of cool troublemakers led by the Star Wars Ken doll looking guy Jace Rucklin (voiced by Elijah Wood).  This gang of hooligans (which contains a Sullustan I wanted to know more about) want Kaz to steal some Corellian Hyperfuel (nice Solo shout out!!) from his goodhearted boss, Yaeger.  If that sounds like it’s going to have about  as much as a heavy handed learn your lesson as a very special episode of Punky Brewster, you’re absolutely right it does.

Somehow through that predictable story line, Fuel for the Fire manages to soar in ways last week’s The Triple Dark crashed.  This episode’s not so subtle lesson actually allows Kaz to grow the tiniest bit as a character this time.  He runs off with these rough and tumble pilots as he feels like he’s just … kinda… useless doing anything else.   He’s just about admits he’s not good a spying so far or pretending to be mechanic.  The guy is a pilot and here comes some weirdos saying, “hey, screw the man and that lousy job!  Let’s go fly!”  And he jumps at it!  Now of course these rascals want to steal and they cheat and all that stuff and we know how all that will naturally end up.

By the end of this episode, Kaz starts to realize that he has it pretty good on the Colossus.  He’s got friends, a sympathetic boss, a support system, a loyal BB unit and an important mission from the best pilot in the Resistance who also has the best jackets and hair.

It’ll be interesting to see where Kaz now goes in the upcoming episodes.  Will he revert back to a  “I don’t know why I’m here” or will he start to work with his team some more?  Regardless,  Fuel for the Fire is a pretty nice step in the right direction.