Resistance Reviews – The High Tower

Resistance Reviews
“The High Tower”


High Tower is a real mixed bag of an episode.  It’s like a bag of Chex Mix but there’s a lot of the weird bread things and not as many cereal squares.  Isn’t that always how it goes though?  Thankfully, the episode moves at a brisk and breezy pace and really stands out storywise compared to the last couple of bits of the story we’ve gotten. Sadly,  it also fails yet again to connect the viewer with the main character at all and often feels slightly uneven.  Kinda like a handful of Chex Mix.

A lot actually happens in this episode to move the show forward.  Like, A LOT.  We are finally introduced to one of the ace pilots, the charming Rodian named Hype Fazon.  We get our first idea on how the First Order is using the Colossus, and who’s dealing with them. We get to see some real relationships between Hype, Tam and Torra, and the elite in the High Tower are first made aware of the bumbling spy that is Kaz.  It’s a lot crammed into 22 minutes and once the cool red armored stormtrooper person shows up, it’s hard to really feel bad for Kaz as he goofs through his latest failed spy mission.

As I watched Tam and Hype talk about past regrets and attempt to make amends, I realized that those two characters right there and that story was a lot more engaging than our main character’s has been so far.  In two or three exchanged lines, I wanted to know way more about them then see Kaz mug and scream his way down a hallway while being chased by stormtroopers.

I know we are only on the 4th or 5th episode of the first season and the show is for kids and that Star Wars has been and will always be for kids (from a certain point of view) but Kaz so far is like the Uber-Ezra.  These shows don’t always need a main character who is constantly in over his head and messing up for kids to be into it.  Kaz needs to figure out what he’s really doing and the show needs to figure Kaz out before I begin the letter writing campaign to make the whole show about Tam and Torra.   Now I’ll go back to my Chex Mix.

B –