Resistance Reviews – Signal from Sector Six

Resistance Reviews
“Signal from Sector Six”


I’m starting to see a pattern in these Resistance episodes.  In just about every one of them so far, there’s some weird stuff, some awkward stuff, some almost awesome stuff and some stuff that makes me wonder if I should keep watching it.  Every time that happens,  I’m constantly just reminding myself that this is the sixth episode of the first season of a show that is admittedly made for an audience much younger then I am. Resistance can be enjoyed by everyone but in the end,  the crowd this show is reaching for may not be the same one the Cassian Andor spy adventures show will be.  Unless Cassian screams and falls down a hole in every episode.

Signal from Sector Six sees the welcome return of Poe Dameron as he and resident goofball Kaz go over the ongoing spy mission, fly some X-Wings and eventually get all Alien movie as they investigate a spooky abandoned freighter ship in space.  Once on there, the episode takes a odd and oddly satisfying detour as we learn the ship is the home to a gigantic, buff Kowakian ape.  I’ll save you the trip to Wookieepedia and let you know that a Kowakian ape is basically a big mean Salacious Crumb.  It’s 2018 and finally my dreams have started to come true.

Once Poe and Kaz start to escape they discover a mysterious person named Synara hiding in the ship and decide to bring her back to the Colossus.  After she gets there we learn (gasp!) she’s got dealings with the pirates from a few episodes back and she could be an actual spy for them and could bring the First Order into the station!  Oh and also there’s a touching droid heart to heart moment between BB-8 and the other BB unit droid, CB-23.  And did I mention that we learn that Poe hates monkeys?

Thinking back to how jam packed with the crazy this episode is makes me appreciate it a little bit more then when I first watched it.   Is it the best 22 minutes of television you’ll ever watch?  Definitely no.  It does let Oscar Isaac shine in a downright silly Poe Dameron performance and it has a giant pissed off Salacious Crumb.  And I may be wrong, but while Kaz still acted like an idiot a lot, he didn’t fall down once in this one. So I guess I’m not complaining ?