Forceback Friday

Welcome to Blast Points Forceback Fridays where we spotlight some of our favorite episodes from the past.

In honor of Star Tours 32nd birthday celebrate with our episode about all things Star Tours.

This week we are talking about all about the fascinating history of STAR TOURS! It’s the Disneyland ride that was not only set new trends for the park, it started Star Wars on it’s eventual future! How the marriage of Lucasfilm and Disney possibly begin? Just how much of a Disney fan is Lucas? What planets were considered for the 2011 version? How did Star Tours influence a young Rian Johnson and directly inspire The Last Jedi? It’s an action packed episode headed to beautiful forest moon of Endor and beyond!

PLUS: What’s going to be in the gift shop and on the menus at the Lucas Museum? What’s going on with an oozing Master Codebreaker in the Last Jedi novel & so much more!

So fill in every seat, pull your safety restraint from the right to left & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!