Episode 187 – The Curious Case of Star Wars Detours

As predicted by ancient Mayan calendars, 2012 brought many massive changes (to Star Wars).  Disney purchased Lucasfilm, Episode VII was going to be made, the 3D releases were cancelled and the mysterious “comedy” show, Star Wars Detours was announced and then never seen again.  Listen as we discuss the always curious case of the mysterious Detours and debate on if it should ever be released at all!  Does it deserve a chance?  Is there room for parody in Star Wars?  Should all existing episodes be destroyed with fire?  We have different opinions on the matter!  Are you #TeamJason or #TeamGabe?  Listen and decide for yourself!  PLUS :  Ian + Hayden = BUDDIES and Rise of SkywalkerMania is creeping up on us & it’s all getting TOO HOT! So party like it’s 2012 & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!