Episode 227 – The Phantom Origins of the Prequels

Jedi Padawans, Utapau, Planetary blockades, invasion armies… this was all stuff that Lucas came up with just for the prequels, right?  NO!  All of these things are more can be found in the various drafts of his “space movie” he was dreaming up as early as 1973!  Join us as we look at the phantom origins of the prequels that can be found in the early story treatments and versions of The Star Wars.  From the Emperor to tombstone pledges, there’s a lot of prequel gold in those over 40 year old wild, handwritten notes. PLUS :  just when exactly did that little detail of Vader actually being Luke’s father come into play?  What could the saga have been if that was never the case?   So don’t throw out those leftovers, listen today & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!