Episode 243 – The Noses of Star Wars with TOM SPINA!

The time has finally come for us to talk about one of the most important topics ever : THE NOSES OF STAR WARS!  Yes, we are taking a beyond in depth look at the nasal cavities of the original trilogy & WHO KNOWS WHAT WE FIND IN THERE?! But we can’t do it alone, so with us on this quest into the unknown is friend of the show and resident wizard at Regal Robot and Tom Spina Designs, the one and only Tom Spina. Join us as we ask questions like : Was Chewbacca’s nose soft? Is the Toadstool Terror a giant nose? And why is Darth Vader’s nose so interesting? Together we go deeper into the noses of the galaxy far far away then anyone has before! LISTEN TODAY AND CELEBRATE THE LOVE!