Episode 255 – INDY YEAR – Raiders on Record – interview with TOM VOEGELI

Indy Year continues as we look at a little secret gem in Indiana Jones history, 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark : The Movie on Record.  This wild artifact from the past is basically the entire movie, cut down to about 45 minutes and presented in a purely audio format.  It has no narration and is just audio from the film with some extra sounds mixed in along the way. Join us as we talk to the record’s Grammy winning producer and engineer, TOM VOEGELI about just how all this all happened.   How did Tom’s work on the Star Wars Radio Dramas lead to the record?  What involvement did sound wizard Ben Burtt have on it all?  Why is the audio format so perfect for the world of Indiana Jones? It’s a fascinating interview and we are so happy to shine some Staff of Ra light on this amazing record! So, trust us and listen today for some fortune and glory

Listen to the record here: