Episode 302 – The Bobbie Wygant Star Wars Interview Celebration

This week, it’s all about the legendary entertainment news reporter BOBBY WYGANT and her incredible interviews with the stars of Star Wars.  From 1977 to 1999 she was talking to the people that made Star Wars happen and the results are absolute solid gold and some the most unique Star Wars interviews of all time.  There’s Harrison Ford seeing Star Wars with strangers, Rick McCallum being the actual Phantom Menace, asking George Lucas about LAVA and questions about TAUNTAUN that’ll change your life.   Bobbie loves Star Wars and we love her & this episode is 78 minutes of a Bobbie Celebration!  So, grow that Gary Kurtz beard, listen today and celebrate the love!  

The Bobbie Wygant Archive :http://www.bobbiewygant.com

McCallum 99

Ford 77

Kurtz 77

Jake Lloyd 99

Hamill and Prowse 80

Empire review

Portman 99

Sam Jackson 99

Liam Neeson 99

Ford and Daniels 80

Lucas 94

Carrie and Billy Dee 80

Kirsch and Kurtz 80

The tpm review.