Episode 322 – AOTC YEAR – Zam Wesellmania with SAVANNA KIEFER

AOTC Year RETURNS and we are thrilled to welcome back our friend Savanna Kiefer to talk all things ZAM WESELL with us!  Savanna was the Queen of Celebration with her incredible Zam cosplay and she’s filling us in on the amazing story on how it all happened!  What was the inspiration and how is the costume still continuing to evolve?  PLUS : Savanna talks the never ending charm of AOTC, The Prequel Renaissance, Zam  / Jango shipping and so much more!

So call up all your Fesell buddies, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out the making of the Zam Wesell costume and so much more at http://www.thedorkydiva.com