Episode 325 – Rogue Wonder Years – A Rogue One Celebration

Our beloved Rogue One is playing again in selected IMAX theaters and for us it’s another reason to sing the praises of one of our favorite Star Wars movies!   Join us as reflect on why this one has transcended into a now classic status and why this Rogue One means so much to us and the show.  AND what about our screenings??  What stood out?  How was the crowd?  and what about that ANDOR footage?!  

PLUS – we asked YOU the listeners for YOUR Rogue One theater reactions and reasons why you love and we got some GREAT ones.   Listen as some incredible folks from across the country bask in that Rogue One love and possibly sing their hearts out for this movie!!  

So, call up a Hammerhead Corvette, listen today and celebrate the love!