Episode 337 – ANDOR MANIA / Andor Season 1 Review

The Andor season 1 finale is here and we’re losing our minds so hard that we are possibly saying it’s as good as the pizza in the Italy of EPCOT.  (it is.)   Join us as we discuss the show’s epic, explosive conclusion, why the whole season was so incredible and where it all could all be going next.  It’s all about escaping the prison of the mind, MothmaMadness being forever and one more sweet visit to the Wall of Gloves.   

PLUS – we chat with the great HAZEL LYTH who was the drink sipping human with a little puppet buddy on the Niamos beach in Andor episode 7!  How was she cast, what was it like working with the puppet and what has life been like now that she is a Star Wars superstar?

So, fire up those giant holograms, celebrate the love and listen today!