Episode 366 – The EditDroid And Uncut ROTJ Super Fun Hour

The summer is heating up and so is Blast Points as this week we’re talking about the EDITDROID!  In the early eighties George Lucas wanted to streamline the film editing process so he put the laserdisc based EditDroid project into motion!  What ever happened to it and what does it all have to do with that wizard BEN BURTT?  

As if that wasn’t hot enough, we’re watching the infamous EditDroid laserdisc of uncut footage from the Yoda’s hut scene in ROTJ!  Different lines of dialog!  Yoda almost bursting into flames and so much more!   

So edit your home movies after hours, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Documentary on the EditDroid :

Charlie Owen’s EditDroid laserdisc footage :

Lucasfilm.com article on the EditDroid https://www.lucasfilm.com/news/lucasfilm-originals-the-editdroid/

We support the SAG-AFTRA / WGA strike!  We love this stuff and we want our favorite who make our favorite things people to be treated fairly!