Episode 406 – The Acolyte Episode 5 “Night” Discussion 

It’s the crazy crazy craziest Acolyte night yet as we’re talking all about the episode that freaked everyone out, “Night”.   It’s the heaviest 30 minutes of almost nonstop action and we feel like we got force pushed through a wall with this one.  We’re talking the big reveal, the big losses, the power of two, how Bazil is the key to it all and so much more.   

So OMG, celebrate the love and listen today

Episode 405 – The Acolyte Episode 4 “Day” Discussion

The episode is titled “DAY” and all we can think about all day everyday is MUNDI and Bazil! And the spooky masked Sith person.  And the red head Jedi sword master guy.  And how we’re loving this show.   Listen in as we discuss everything about this latest and greatest installment of The Acolyte and more in this MundiMania filled episode!   So, what are you waiting for?  Celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 404 – The Acolyte Episode 3 “DESTINY” Discussion

The Dark Side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural but it’s not unnatural how much we were into The Acolyte episode 3, DESTINY!  Listen as we get some deep thoughts going on the many interpretations of The Force, the special children Osha and Mae, what really happened that night on Brendok and more!  PLUS – we’re hooting and hollering about the Granny Witch!  So get your basket of Spice Creams, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 403 – The Acolyte episodes 1 and 2 Freakout

It’s some Acolyte crazy nights and we’re excited to finally be talking about this show and kick off our series of episodes dedicated to THE ACOLYTE! Listen as we discuss the epic first 2 episodes and get deep with some of it’s mysteries, wonder about who the spooky voice person is, talk about babies, great big bushy beards, chairs that are droids, the Bee Gees and so much more!
So celebrate the love and listen today!!

Episode 402 – The Phantom Menace Read Along Story Book Experience

It’s the 25th anniversary of our beloved Phantom Menace and that also means it’s taken us 25 years to listen to the read along book for TPM!   It’s the whole movie condensed down to about 19 minutes with weird alternate takes of dialog, music from the original trilogy, Funkadelic Neimodians, some shockingly dark stuff and more!  PLUS – more fun TPM theater stories from listeners!!   

So head to the dungeon, listen today and celebrate the love!  

listen to the read along book by itself here : https://youtu.be/kXnXLCJk1iw?si=pVRZmdLcid0Dmb0N

Episode 401 – Tony McVey – from Jar Jar to Salacious Crumb (with Tom Spina)

This week on Blast Points we are honored to be chatting with an ILM legend, the great TONY MCVEY!  Listen in as we are once again joined by Regal Robot’s Tom Spina as we all talk to Tony about his passion for monsters, movies, joining the ROTJ creature department, Salacious Crumb, and then coming back to Star Wars with The Phantom Menace.   The gorgeous debut prequel item in Regal Robot’s Archive Collection is based on Tony’s incredible Jar Jar concept maquette and we are thrilled to let him share his humor, stories and vast knowledge with you all!   So celebrate the love and listen today!  

Pick up your own JAR JAR BINKS archive collection maquette on Tuesday 5/21 ! See all the details here:

Explore everything Regal Robot here:





We asked for YOUR stories of seeing The Phantom Menace back on the big screen for the 25th anniversary and you delivered! We’re playing every single one of your wonderful messages and it is total Star Wars magic. PLUS – It was the most epic May the 4th ever and we’re looking back at all the Star Wars madness that happened in there! Celebration Japan tickets, a new Acolyte trailer, Tales of the Empire and The Phantom Menace returning to theaters! It’s a lot and we’re still trying to process it all. So, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 400 – The QVC Phantom Menace Spectacular 

It’s our big 400 episode of Blast Points, the 25 anniversary of The Phantom Menace AND May the 4th so there is no better way to celebrate then by watching two full hours of a QVC special from August 1999 when Episode 1 mania was sweeping the nation!   It’s hosts Lisa Robertson from QVC and the legendary Steve Sansweet showing off comics, vinyl figures, watches, figures, a Battle Droid binocular camera and so much more!   So get a dancing Jar Jar for your roommate, listen today and celebrate the love!   

Watch the QVC special here on Youtube