Episode 365 – HOT INDY SUMMER – What’s The Deal With The Dial? 

Indy Month may be over but we still have Indy Fever and now it’s HOT INDY SUMMER! We’ve got one more Indiana Jones episode in us and this week we are talking all about that crazy Archimedes dial! What’s the real history behind it and just what does it do in the movie? What’s up with the dates and why is time travel so right for this story? PLUS : listen as we go over all the little fun things we forgot to talk about last time like Helena’s expert sandwich snacking skills and our hero, the sleeping guy in the plane! 
So, go back to Alabama and listen today!

Smithsonian magazine article on the real Dial of Destiny:

Antikythera video in the opening :

Episode 364 – INDY MONTH – The Dial of Destiny Review / Indiana Jones Premiere Super Episode

It’s the episode everyone has been waiting for as this week we are giving our full spoiler filled talk on the much anticipated Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny!  AND we are finally telling our insane stories from our legendary  time at the red carpet premiere in Hollywood!   Listen as we talk all about Indy’s final adventure, why we loved it so much, how we connected with it,  wonder if Jason may have blacked on the red carpet, reveal our thrilling encounter with superstar John Knoll, explain how we were trying to steal Funyuns on a plane and so much more!  

So, eat some In & Out, stay up for 25 hours and listen today!

Episode 363 – INDY MONTH – The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Chronicles

Indy Month continues and this week we are talking about George Lucas’ passion project, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles!  Barely seen for years and often misunderstood, Lucas wanted the Young Indy show to educate kids about history and just maybe his dream is finally happening!  Listen as we explore how the show came to be, the challenges it faced in the early 1990s and how it paved the way for the eventual Star Wars prequels.   AND:  hear our brief. spoiler free reactions to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny!  

So call up your favorite soda jerk and listen today!  

Episode 362 – INDY MONTH – The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Renaissance

It’s week 2 of Indy Month and the Indiana Jones Fever is only getting more intense!  This week we are joined by our friend Brandon Wainerdi to discuss the change that we can all feel – THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL RENAISSANCE!  It’s been 15 years since the fourth Indiana Jones movie and as the world gets ready for a fifth adventure, many have been going back to KOTCS with a new perspective and attitude!  Join us as we discuss the film when we first saw it versus today, the looming shadow of expectation and why Crystal Skull deserves another chance!   So what are you waiting for Daddy-O?  listen today!  

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Episode 361 – The Indiana Jones Celebration

If adventure has a name, it must be INDY MONTH!  It’s the kickoff to our month long celebration of all things Indiana Jones and we’re barely keeping it together.   Listen as we slowly lose our minds about the IndyMania going on right now as we get closer and closer to The Dial of Destiny!  Then we ask the ultimate question that is so simple and yet so complicated – WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INDIANA JONES MOVIE? We answer the question ourselves and then we turn it over to so many of our friends to hear what they think!  What of the original four got the most votes?   You have to listen and find out!  

So, read up on your Michaelson chapters 4 & 5 and listen today!  

Episode 360 – Catching Up with David W. Collins and the Sound of Star Wars

This week we are thrilled to welcome back to Blast Points, Skywalker Sound’s David W. Collins!  Since we last talked a couple of years ago, David was nominated for an Emmy for his sound work on The Book of Boba Fett, led the way with Tales of the Jedi and The Bad Batch season 2 and was the sound designer for that little thing called The Mandalorian season 3.  Join us as we go over all of that and more as we explore what went into creating sounds for so much of the recent stuff we’ve loved.  What’s the secret sound in Gorian Shard’s voice, what was the inspiration for Gideon’s mech suit and where can you hear the sound of Jon Favreau’s dog?  

So, listen today & celebrate the love!    

check out The Soundtrack Show here :

TOM SPINA In Conversation With DAVE CARSON

In this edition of Blast Points Presents we are honored to share this seriously fun chat with our friend Regal Robot’s Tom Spina and ILM FX legend Dave Carson about his work sculpting Nien Nunb for Return of the Jedi and so much more.   From joining ILM during the end of Empire, designing some CLASSIC creatures from Return of the Jedi and the continuing question of what music was playing in the creature creation department! 

And don’t forget, Regal Robot’s insanely cool 40th anniversary edition Nien Nunb maquette is available this THURSDAY 6/25 for only 40 hours! 





Episode 359 – The Human Jabba Controversy With TOM SPINA

This week it’s all about one of the greatest controversies in Star Wars history : HUMAN JABBA!  George Lucas claimed he always intended for Jabba to be a “large, loathsome creature”, but just how true is that?   Listen as we’re joined once again by Tom Spina and we explore all the evidence for and against this idea,   What about that mysterious art in From Star Wars to Jedi?  Who made it?  Was it even possible during the time of the original trilogy?  Who knows the truth, who’s lying and why did Han have fry poor Greedo like that?   We’re peeling back the layers of the mystery in this epic episode!  

So, get in your time machine, listen today and celebrate the love!  


EXPERIENCE TOM SPINA DESIGNS HERE: www.tomspinadesigns.com

Check out the original article on The Secret History of Star Wars by Michael Kaminski


Episode 358 – The Sound Evolution of the Detention Block Shootout

Throughout the vast history of the various audio differences in the many versions of 1977’s original Star Wars, no scene has gone under the radar, been more mysterious and had more subtle changes then the infamous Detention Block Shootout scene!  Join us as bravely we listen to 8 incredible different versions of this scene, uncover it’s audio secrets, discuss how it evolved over the decades, what changed and what has stayed the same!  

So get out your bass cannon, celebrate the love and listen today! 

watch the original SpaceHunterM video here : https://youtu.be/uurb4by_Ckk

Episode 357 – Visions Volume 2 For Me and You

Star Wars Visions volume 2 is here and we seriously can’t get enough of it.  From goofy Wedge moments and a space train chased by horses to the deepest deep stuff with a Sith Mother and a Spy Dancer!  Visions is the dream of Lucasfilm made real and we’re talking about each of the shorts for five delirious minutes each!   What ones are our favorites and which ones need another watch?  

So get out your Thumb Wars DVDS and buy all your official Wedge merchandise and listen today!