It’s DAY 3 of the epic podcast event of the century, 7 DAYS OF DENGAR and today we’re talking about Dengar’s “many” appearances on screen.  After barely being in Empire and making a shocking cameo in ROTJ, Dengar really got to shine in Clone Wars.  What was like that like and how is his armor differnet?  And what about the Aftermath books, the comics and seriously what about ROTHGAR DENG?  Is Dengar a hero of the Battle of Jakku or is he a plastic sugery nightmare?  Listen and find out!!   


It’s DAY 2 of our week long 7 Days of Dengar series and you all know we’ve been touched by Dengar, but what about someone who actually touched Dengar?  That’s right, today we welcome back our friends, Regal Robot’s Tom Spina and the man who put the scar on Dengar, Nick Maley!  Hear Tom identify every single piece of Dengar armor and learn from Nick just what it was like to place that infamous wound on Dengar! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll stock up on your toilet paper supply!  It’s day 2 of 7 Days of Dengar!  celebrate the love and listen today!  



Episode 281 – 7 DAYS OF DENGAR – DAY 1 – WHO IS DENGAR?

It’s the kickoff to 7 DAYS OF DENGAR, the explosive week long series that only BLAST POINTS is ridiculous enough to give you!  It’s a week of episodes where we are going over everything about our favorite bounty hunter who is wrapped up in toilet paper, DENGAR!  In this first installment, we are asking WHY DENGAR and introducing WHO IS DENGAR?  These are the questions that we will be pondering during throughout the week of action packed episodes.   It’s the kickoff the series that literally EVERYONE is talking about : 7 DAYS OF DENGAR!  

Episode 280 – Making of Mando Season 2 Finale Xposed

Join us as this week we take a close up look at all the greatness the Disney Gallery episode on the making of the Mando Season 2 finale gave!  It’s a trip behind the scenes that left us shook and wondering how much Luke is Luke, is Luke Luke and what about Luuke?  From real world issues to secret chili recipes, computer Luke voice and a hot John Knoll dubbed in German, this episode has it all!  So travel into the Deep Core, celebrate the love & listen today!  

Episode 279 – INDY YEAR – The Archaeology of Indiana Jones with Dr. David West Reynolds

Indy Year continues as this month we welcome the legendary Dr. David West Reynolds. In addition to finding the actual shooting locations from Star Wars back in the mid 1990s, creating the visual dictionaries and building Star Wars.com, Dr. Reynolds has for decades been doing archaeology on Raiders of the Lost Ark!  He has been an actual Indiana Jones in the deserts of the world and in the Lucasfilm archives!  Join us as we learn about the actual location of the Well of Souls!  The secret facts behind the German flying wing!  Abner Ravenwood’s snow monster foot!  Whipping Steve Sansweet in a Ewok costume!  AND did you know he played Boba Fett for two years?! It’s a mind blowing, super fun episode so get that fortune & glory and listen today!


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the real nazi flying wing

Episode 278 – George Lucas – Maker of Films – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

In the summer of 1971, film scholar and media theorist Gene Youngblood sat down in the grass under the Hollywood sign with some 27 year old kid named George Lucas for a local public access show on young filmmakers.  What came out of it is an endlessly fascinating conversation between two forward thinking and brilliant minds.  Lucas shares his frustration at the studio system, says how he thinks of himself as a toy maker and mentions he’s just then getting into making movies that have a story.   It’s a wild ride and all the pieces that eventually lead to the creation of STAR WARS are there! Join us as we discuss all deep the topics and look at this amazing portrait of the artist as a young man!  

So get your video CASS-ettes, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Watch it here :

Episode 277 – The Steve Bryant from QVC Interview Episode

Back in the 90s, the seeds of Blast Points were planted as we would watch Boba Fett hologram watches and Yoda head mugs be sold on the legendary Star Wars QVC specials hosted by the engergetic and hilarious Steve Bryant.  It’s a dream come true as this week we proudly welcome Steve Bryant on to our show.  Join us as we talk to Steve about the time QVC almost burned down and Mark Hamill saved everyone, riding in cars with Steven Tyler, being recognized at a Renaissance Fair, the lasting legacy of the Star Wars QVC specials and so much more.  It’s the episode everything has been building towards so get out those film strip suspenders, piss off Shatner, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out Steve online!


Watch some classic Star Wars QVC specials here: 

Steve & Steve at their best: https://youtu.be/Li0P-EAZWOs
Steve & Mark Hamill burning down the house: https://youtu.be/6D6BY_idXao

Episode 276 – Everything is about Return of the Jedi

Sometimes you just have to tell Return of the Jedi how much you love it and this week we’re sending the mighty ROTJ a dozen roses AND a box of chocolate!!  Join us as we examine just how much the influence of the deep thematic elements of the throne room ending of ROTJ has spread across all of Star Wars.  Redemption, forgivess, family, mask… all the vital Star Wars herbs and spices are there in that that 1983 masterpiece and we’re talking about them all!   

So don’t text ROTJ on it’s birthday, send it card, listen today and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS! 

Episode 275 – INDY YEAR – Raiders of the Lost Read Along Books

Indy Year continues as we get totally serious and talk about the hottest topic there is – the Indiana Jones kids read along books and records!  Join us as we listen to the read along records for Raiders, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade.  They’re a weird and exciting world of outrageous cuts to the story and even more outrageous accents!   What characters are cut and why is the Temple of the Doom read along the original evil heavy metal headbanging record?!  So even go through the mail, listen today & get that fortune and glory with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 274 – Hot Wampa Summer

It’s summertime, it’s hot out and that can mean only one thing – HOT WAMPA SUMMER! When the ice caves melt, the Wampas come out to get down!  We’re celebrating in the only way possible and that’s by listing off our top GREAT MOMENTS IN WAMPA HISTORY!  Join us as we talk about puppet Wampas, Wampa deleted scenes, toy commercials, kids yelling Wampa, Wapma excitement, toy Wampas, Wampa secret BBQ recipes and so much more.   Its a nonstop, red hot Hot Wampa Summer party like no other!

So, get that Triple Wampa ready, listen today and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!