Episode 326 – The Light And Magic Of ROSE DUIGNAN

It’s a very special episode as this week we’re thrilled to be talking to ILM legend and LIGHT AND MAGIC superstar, ROSE DUIGNAN!  Join us as we discuss her career in the VFX industry,  working on Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, the magic of “Light and Magic”, her career, passion, life past the documentary and of course, The Ewok Adventure!

So,  celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 325 – Rogue Wonder Years – A Rogue One Celebration

Our beloved Rogue One is playing again in selected IMAX theaters and for us it’s another reason to sing the praises of one of our favorite Star Wars movies!   Join us as reflect on why this one has transcended into a now classic status and why this Rogue One means so much to us and the show.  AND what about our screenings??  What stood out?  How was the crowd?  and what about that ANDOR footage?!  

PLUS – we asked YOU the listeners for YOUR Rogue One theater reactions and reasons why you love and we got some GREAT ones.   Listen as some incredible folks from across the country bask in that Rogue One love and possibly sing their hearts out for this movie!!  

So, call up a Hammerhead Corvette, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 324 – The 1977 NPR Splendibulous Star Wars Review

In the summer of 1977, when the world had serious Star Wars Fever, noted film critic Tom Shales snuck out one of the most fascinating reviews of the original film on NPR.  With just one viewing, he was able to make amazing observations about the film that people are still just catching up to almost 45 years later.   Join us as we look at this wild and magical time and thoroughly analyze Tom’s review line by line.   What’s spot on?  What do we not quite agree with it?  How does it make us look at the 77 Star Wars in new ways? PLUS – IS Star Wars the stoned movie you don’t have to be stoned for?  Listen today!


It’s the start of a new outrageous side series as along with Tom “Regal Robot” Spina, we dissect each song on VAN HALEN’s 1984 album for 19 minutes and 84 seconds!  It’s a concept so insane only Blast Points & Spina could pull it off!   Join us in this kickoff episode talking all about the instrumental first title track, giant beach balls, synthesizers, MTV and much more!  LISTEN TODAY ANYWHERE PODCASTS ARE!  



Episode 323 – The Creatures Of Jabba’s Palace With TOM SPINA

On Sunday, May 29th 2022, Blast Points with Tom Spina, Amy Ratcliffe and Kirk Thatcher (and his captain’s hat) changed the world at Star Wars Celebration with the legendary Creatures of Return of the Jedi panel.   Now for all of you that weren’t there, we’ve teamed up with Tom once again to deliver a special super expanded version of everything we talked about in Anaheim and so much more!   Join us as we talk the “dare to be weird” creatures of Jabba’s Palace by going over EVERY ONE OF THEM!!  And we even go over some that were NOT in the film!  Did someone say LIGHTMAN?!?  

So, get out your book of hair, listen today and celebrate the love!  




Episode 322 – AOTC YEAR – Zam Wesellmania with SAVANNA KIEFER

AOTC Year RETURNS and we are thrilled to welcome back our friend Savanna Kiefer to talk all things ZAM WESELL with us!  Savanna was the Queen of Celebration with her incredible Zam cosplay and she’s filling us in on the amazing story on how it all happened!  What was the inspiration and how is the costume still continuing to evolve?  PLUS : Savanna talks the never ending charm of AOTC, The Prequel Renaissance, Zam  / Jango shipping and so much more!

So call up all your Fesell buddies, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out the making of the Zam Wesell costume and so much more at http://www.thedorkydiva.com

Episode 321 – The Sound of Revenge of the Sith

In this latest chapter of our long running series based on JW Rinzler’s incredible SOUNDS OF STAR WARS book, we are going over the unique and exciting sound of REVENGE OF THE SITH!   It’s a film where madman genius Ben Burtt took the sound highway to the crazy zone while simultaneously knowing exactly where to hold back.   Join us as we go over it all from giggling Buzz Droids to exploding volcano sounds! 

PLUS : a special spotlight on the unsung heroes of the film sound : the foley artists!  Who did the foley on the prequels and how was it done?  Listen and find out!  

So, call your Boga on the phone, celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 320 – Shadow of the Sith and the Unsolved Mysteries of Rise of Skywalker

When we heard that SHADOW OF THE SITH was taking on the mighty task of answering some of the most puzzling aspects from TROS, we knew this book was one we HAD to talk about.  So, this week we’re excited to be talking all about Adam Christopher’s new Star Wars novel and all the hot stuff in its pages.   Join us as we explore what we loved in the book and talk about the many updated TROS unsolved mysteries that have haunted us for almost three years now!  Ochi’s hood ornament! Rey’s Palpatine clone father! The dagger!  Dropping off Rey on Jakku and so much more!!  

So Plutt Plutt for the fun of it, celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 319 – The Lost Star Wars Comic Book Read Along Experience

Did you know that in 1978 there was a Star Wars themed educational package sent to schools from a company called Pendulum Press?  Did you know that in the box there was a poster, a film strip, a 5 part comic adaptation of Star Wars and an audio read along cassette?   Could you guess that we are doing a whole episode about this amazing and extremely rare piece of forgotten Star Wars history?  Join us as we listen to the whole wild thing and discuss important topics like robot voice Stormtroopers and how to really “easy does it”.

Celebrate the love, easy does it and listen today!  

Watch and listen to the whole thing here : https://youtu.be/lMuA7KlGrzU