Episode 295 – Reel Star Wars – The Cue Marks of the OT

We’re back with our 6th year and it’s the episode everyone has been waiting for – THE CUE MARKS OF THE ORGINAL TRILOGY!  Join us as we explore these markings on the film that signified the end of a reel and reveal how they actually reveal clues to that very specific Star Wars storytelling structure!   When does each story take a dramatic turn?  When are our heroes in over their heads?  What is it about that unique pace and structure of the Star Wars saga that makes it so special?  AND does it all have to do with pizza rolls?!  So, celebrate the love, don’t mix up reels 4 and 5 in NYC and listen today!  


ANH : https://youtu.be/lZkx8mewZKQ

ESB : https://youtu.be/CXfa75FDKAo

ROTJ : https://youtu.be/gOJCUSEKMPM

Episode 293 – INDY YEAR – The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Appreciation Society

It’s the final installment of Indy Year and we’re ending it with a nuclear explosion as we hide inside a refrigerator with our look at the underrated INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.   Join us as we look at our personal histories with the film (what’s this about Jason getting really close to be being sued??), the over a decade that KOTCS spent in the idea stage, the various screenplay versions and finally what ended up on screen.  We’re talking what we love about KOTCS and what clouds still hang over this movie,  PLUS – how does everything about KOTCS lead us to Indy 5 and what can we possibly expect in Indy’s next adventure?  

So, get out your 1950s comb, listen today & get that fortune & glory!  

Episode 292 – The Holiday Special That Almost Was

Somehow the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special has gone from the forbidden VHS tape to now fans being able to buy Life Day glowing orbs at Disney Parks.  To celebrate this wild time and in the spirit of giving thanks, this week are talking all about the original five-page outline for the holiday special.  Who wrote it?  That’s a kind of a mystery but we think it’s pretty easy to figure out.   It’s all about family, love, crashing ships, Wookiees, the Starship Musica and an Imperial spy played by Raquel Welch.   Join us as we explore this wild and rare but of Star Wars history and talk about the Holiday Special that almost was!

So vamp your way to favorite podcast player, listen today & celebrate the love!  

Visit the holiday special site for more Life Day magic: 


Episode 291 – The CommTech Chips Strike Back

Our lives were recently dramatically changed when we learned of the existence of over 20 unreleased CommTech chips.   After the initial wave with TPM, originally the plan was for them to keep going with new technologies and “TWICE THE SPEECH”.   While these sadly never reached toy store shelves,  we have presented for you listeners, a comprehensive guide to the forbidden CommTech sounds!   Sabe!  Shmi!  Sickly sounding Tusken Raiders!  Porkins screaming!   It’s the CommTech follow up episode everyone has been waiting for!   PLUS :  we’re talking Disney Plus Day, that Kenobi concept art and the super charming Willow tease!  So, stand behind a camel creature’s tail, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out Prototype Archive here: https://www.prototypearchives.com/commtech-guide

Episode 290 – The Rick Famuyiwa Mandalorian Trilogy

This week it’s all about the mighty Rick Famuyiwa trilogy of Mandalorian episodes : The Child, The Prisoner and The Believer.   Join us as we explore the many reasons why each of these episodes continue to resonate with fans so much and we talk all about how their rich themes connect to his earlier work.  So get out your Disney Gallery CommTech chip set, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Episode 288 – INDY YEAR – Last Crusade Love Fest

Indy Year continues and this month we’re finally talking all about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!  It’s the Indy movie that put the heart back in the series and it sure was a wild ride making it happen.   Join us as we discuss the greatness of INDY 3 and the various insane early script drafts that had Indy riding a rhino, an army of gorillas and a small talking monkey.  Yes.  It’s as wild as it sounds BUT it all helped make Last Crusade the beloved character based classic that it is!  PLUS: a visit from a surprise caller to the show!! So eat a magic peach, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 287 – David W. Collins and the Sound of Star Wars

This week we are thrilled to welcome back sound designer / mixer for Skywalker Sound and friend of the show, David W. Collins!  Join us as we get caught up and learn all about what went into creating the world of sounds for The Bad Batch, the bold audio choices of Star Wars Visions and the fascinating stories behind our favorites, Biomes and Galaxy of Sounds!  You’ll laugh a little, you’ll learn a lot and just like us, you’re likely to be fascinated by every word David says!  So get out those headphones, listen today and celebrate the love!

David on Twitter and Instagram:



Check out his awesome podcast, The Soundtrack Show!


Episode 286 – Anatomy of Anatomy of a Dewback

If there’s one thing we love as much as Star Wars movies & shows, it’s insane Star Wars documentaries!  So this week we’re thrilled to finally be talking the legendary ANATOMY OF A DEWBACK!  This documentary not only offered a look into the momentous creation of the CG Dewback BUT broke new ground on how films were advertised online! Join us as we talk Lucas’ sweet dewback dreams, pantyhose filters, and ask the immortal question if Stormtroopers are LAME-Os.  PLUS : THE SHOCKING WEEK 2 OF SNOKETOBERFEST! Listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 285 – The 100 Minute Marks of Star Wars

This week we are tackling an extremely important Star Wars topic – what happens at the 100 minute mark of the Star Wars films?  Just like the films themselves, they’re all a little different but they all that thar certain type of galaxy far far away magic. What happens in them, how are they alike and what is our ranking of them?  It’s a Star Wars topic that’ll have you viewing the films and counting numbers in a whole new way!  

PLUS :  the dramatic return of everyone’s favorite pickled celebration, SNOKETOBERFEST!   

So get out that wax paper, celebrate the love and listen today!