Episode 307 – AOTC YEAR – Attack of the AOTC DVD

Our tribute to the 20th anniversary of ATTACK OF THE CLONES continues as we are joined by our awesome friend and AOTC super fan Silver from the amazing Star Wars Thrifting and Into the Garbage Chute Podcast to discuss our best friend, the Episode II DVD!   All our lives changed for the better in November 2002 with this DVD came into our lives and this episode is a giant love letter to that magical home video release.   From the history making digital video transfer to the commentary, to the insane deleted scenes and mind warping documentaries,,, we are talking about it all!!   So, don’t fall asleep to it and do celebrate the love and listen today!

Check out Silver and Cat on Into the Garbage Chute

And watch as Silver finds amazing Star Wars stuff on Star Wars Thrifting

Episode 306 – The Art of The Art of The Mandalorian Season 2

The long-standing tradition of Star Wars art books and our long-standing tradition of talking about them continues with author Phil Szostak’s latest masterpiece, The Art of The Mandalorian season 2!   With Mando’s second season, we find the Lucasfilm Art Department working at the height of the strength with the look of the show really coming together.  But how does it all connect to the greater Star Wars aesthetic and what are the greatest lessons of designing for this bold, new era of SW storytelling?  Join us as we ask these questions, discuss the amazing art from each episode and pick our personal favorite pieces along the way!  So, head to Freetown, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 305 – The Super Live Luke Skywalker – Lee Whittaker!

Sure, we’ve talked about the incredible, legendary epic Japanese stage show THE GEORGE LUCAS SUPER LIVE ADVENTURE before but this week it’s a dream come true as we talk to the one and only LEE WHITTAKER who actually played LUKE SKYWALKER in the actual GLSLA!  Lee was 20 years old and flew off to Japan to be Luke Skywalker onstage in front of George Lucas and wow, he has some incredible stories.   How did he get the role?  What was it like doing the shows?  What is the legacy of The George Lucas Super Live Adventure?  AND SO MANY MORE!  Lee is amazing and this episode is one not to be missed.   

So get Super Live, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Check out Lee’s site here : https://www.leewhittaker.com

Episode 304 – AOTC YEAR – The Sifo Dyas Mystery Hour

Our year long tribute to Attack of the Clones continues as we ponder that age old question – just what is the deal with SIFO DYAS?  It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery as we explore his questionable roots, reveal his fascinating backstory and question just who or WHAT actually created the Clone Army.   It’s an episode 20 years in the making and AOTC YEAR was finally the right time to discussion this shocking topic!!  So, hit that typo on the keyboard, celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 303 – The Obi-Wan Kenobi Teaser Super Freakout

Our first look at OBI-WAN KENOBI is here and we are seriously losing our minds over this first teaser trailer. Join us as we go over every single scene and fly off the deep end celebrating the start of KENOBI SEASON!  What are the themes we see?  What are we not seeing?  What’s going on with the Inquisitors?  The sands are shifting and we are ready to get nuts with this show!  So, release that box of space birds, celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 302 – The Bobbie Wygant Star Wars Interview Celebration

This week, it’s all about the legendary entertainment news reporter BOBBY WYGANT and her incredible interviews with the stars of Star Wars.  From 1977 to 1999 she was talking to the people that made Star Wars happen and the results are absolute solid gold and some the most unique Star Wars interviews of all time.  There’s Harrison Ford seeing Star Wars with strangers, Rick McCallum being the actual Phantom Menace, asking George Lucas about LAVA and questions about TAUNTAUN that’ll change your life.   Bobbie loves Star Wars and we love her & this episode is 78 minutes of a Bobbie Celebration!  So, grow that Gary Kurtz beard, listen today and celebrate the love!  

The Bobbie Wygant Archive :http://www.bobbiewygant.com

McCallum 99

Ford 77

Kurtz 77

Jake Lloyd 99

Hamill and Prowse 80

Empire review

Portman 99

Sam Jackson 99

Liam Neeson 99

Ford and Daniels 80

Lucas 94

Carrie and Billy Dee 80

Kirsch and Kurtz 80

The tpm review.

Episode 301 – The Book Of Boba Fett Book Report Celebrity Hot Tub Party

We’ve still got some hot and heavy Boba Fett fever and the only known cure is talking more Boba talk.   It’s been a few weeks since the season one finale and the time is right to look back at every episode and examine the series as a whole.  What do we love?  What was weird?  What was wonderful? Why are we still obsessed with those water stealing Mods?!? Where could we imagine a potential second season could go?  It’s the Book of Boba book report and we’re not using Cliff’s Notes!! So, if it’s too hot in the bacta tank, turn it down, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 300 – The George Lucas Hair History (Hair to the Empire)

It’s the epic moment you’ve all been waiting for, the 300th episode of BLAST POINTS!  We’re celebrating the only way we know how, by looking at the incredible history of GEORGE LUCAS’ HAIR.  It is the Hair to the Empire as we look at every era of the Lucas coiffure!   From the greaser stage to the dashing THX-1138 era, salt and pepper prequel era, loose times and his bold modern “shorts and an untucked shirt” look.   Every Lucas hairdo is talked about and we learn a lot about ourselves and life along the way.   It’s the 300th episode and we can’t thank all of you enough!!  So, get out your comb, celebrate the love and listen TODAY!

Episode 299 – AOTC YEAR – The Attack of the Clones LOVE-IN!

Our year long tribute to Attack of the Clones continues as this month we look at one the most important aspects of the film : THE LOVE.  Join us as we examine our massive love for the film, the way the love has grown for AOTC in the past 20 years, the fascinating role love plays in the movie, how it spreads throughout the saga and more!  PLUS : words of wisdom from our wise bearded guru, groovy AOTC dialog poetry and real reactions from AOTC fans after a recent big screen showing!  It’s the dawning of the age of AOTC so celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 298 – The Legend of the Deleted Biggs Scene

We all know the when Toschi Station with Cammie and Fixer appeared on The Book of Boba Fett, the world rejoiced in harmony, but why is this place from an ANH deleted scene so beloved?  This week we’re talking all about the legendary deleted Biggs on Tatooine scene, why it is so important and just how it could have changed the whole beginning of Star Wars!  Why was it removed?  Who wanted it to stay in?  Who put a Spider-Man doll in the oven?  All these burning questions and more are answered in this thrilling new episode! So, dare to be weird, celebrate the love & listen today! 

Watch the scenes here: https://youtu.be/WaS_0oVJvio