NICHOLAS BRITELL Roundtable Interview – The Music of Andor

We are honored to be a part of this epic roundtable interview with three-time Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning composer of the incredible score for Andor, Nicholas Britell! 

Join us as along with our friends from Friends of the Force: A Star Wars Podcast, Jedi News, Skytalkers,, Talking Bay 94, and Triad of the Force we learn all about how the unique score was created, it’s inspiration and so much more! 

Celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 333 – Tales of the Jedi – Dooku Edition

Tales of the Jedi is here and first we are talking all about the three incredible COUNT DOOKU stories! We love The Count quite a bit and these bite size bits of Dooku have us going off the deep end with heavy Star Wars thoughts. Good Dooku, master and apprentices, Yaddle, Mundi’s giant hood and so much more! 

PLUS – the shocking final SNOKETOBERFEST of the year! 

So, erase Kamino from the archives, celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 332 – Into the Mothma Madness

This week we have a bad case of MOTHMAMADNESS as we’re going over all things MON MOTHMA! We have been huge Mothma fans for years but ANDOR has taken it over the top.  Join us as we examine Mothma’s creation and first appearance in ROTJ, her roles in Clone Wars, Rebels, Rogue One and how her in Andor changes everything.   PLUS – what new old 1983 Mothma information did we discover that SHOOK US TO OUR CORE?!  Listen and find out!

AND – it’s week three of the ultra-party that never ends, SNOKETOBERFEST!  What’s the golden Snoke sound this week?!   It’s a jam-packed episode filled with MothmaMania running wild!  Listen today!

Episode 331 – Luke’s Death Blow

It’s a simple question but one that inspires thousands of thoughts – Why did Vader block Luke’s death blow to the Emperor in Return of the Jedi?  Especially if he still wanted to rule the galaxy as father and son.   Inspired by a 2013 blog post from JW Rinzler where he asked this question, we are analyzing every aspect of this small but oh so important moment in ROTJ.   What was Vader thinking and what clues in earlier moments lead us there?   Plus, what did George Lucas say the meaning of that moment was?  Listen and find out!

AND – SNOKETOBERFEST CONTINUES!  The giant clone thing in gold isn’t done making sounds and the SNOKETOBERFEST party is far from over!  

So, get in a laser fight, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out JW Rinzler’s original article here:

Episode 330 – The Legend of Alien Exodus

That’s right, this week we are finally talking about ALIEN EXODUS.   In the wild times of 1995, there almost was a trilogy of books by Hugo and Nebula award winning author Robert J. Sawyer that not only explained how humans came to the galaxy far, far away but boldly connected the Star Wars universe to THX-1138 and American Graffiti.  YES!  Join us as we explore how this came about, what the story would have been and how Earth really is just connected to Star Wars anyways!  AND – we hear from Robert J. Sawyer himself on how it all went down!

PLUS – SNOKETOBERFEST RETURNS!!  It’s 2022 and Snoketoberfest is running wild with the Snokey sounds between Snoke’s golden voice!  

So, phone home, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out Robert J Sawyer’s site here :

His page on Alien Exodus :

BLAST POINTS PRESENTS – A Conversation With Tom Spina And Ken Ralston!

In this new edition of BLAST POINTS PRESENTS, we are happy to share the audio version of a recent conversation “our friend and frequent guest”  Tom Spina from Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot had with multi-Oscar winning Vis. FX Supervisor Ken Ralston!  They’re talking about Ken’s incredible career, his visionary creature contributions to RETURN OF THE JEDI and more!  We all know and love the maquettes from From Star Wars To Jedi and Classic Creatures and Ken sculpted a handful of those AND now Regal Robot has just released their replica of the Weequay maquette that Ken created.  So check out this awesome chat with Tom and Ken!  

get your own Weequay here :

watch the original video here :

and here :



Episode 329 – Designing Galaxy’s Edge with ERIC BAKER (featuring TOM SPINA)

When we finally got to visit Galaxy’s Edge last May, our minds were blown and we had to know one thing – who in the world was responsible for the little amazing details all over Batuu?  Join us as along with Tom Spina,  we get all the answers with former creative director with Walt Disney Imagineering, Eric Baker.  Eric and his crew were in charge of all beautiful, detailed props and set dressings for both Galaxy’s Edge locations and the story on how it came to be and how it was pulled off is INSANE.  Plus: talk of that certain Star Wars aesthetic AND what does a special edition musical instrument have to do with an old Kenner mail away figure backpack?   

Episode 328 – ANDOR first 3 Episodes Freakout

Andor is here, we getting up at 4am to watch it and are possibly delirious here talking about all the finer points of the brilliant first three episodes!  It has it all : little frog people, serious drama, a binocular POV shot, an intriguing plot and of course,  A WALL OF GLOVES!   So pour some Caf, listen today and celebrate the love!  


Our outrageous VAN HALEN 1984 side series continues as with Tom “Regal Robot” Spina we dissect each song on the album for 19 minutes and 84 seconds! It’s the second episode so it’s about the second song, the all-time classic JUMP! We’re talking the amazing video, the synths, the guitar, the lyrics, why it’s such a classic and much, much more. LISTEN TODAY ANYWHERE PODCASTS ARE!!

Episode 327 – The D23 News Jamboree

The D23 Expo descended upon California last weekend and the big Lucasfilm panel did not disappoint!  Join us as we look at the big hitters of the panel and come to the conclusion that we are DOOMED!  We’re talking INDY 5, Andor, Willow, Bad Batch, Tales of the Jedi, Mando, Ahsoka and MORE!  What gave us goose bumps and what made us want ice cream?  It’s a warning that we are about to cross over into a STAR WARS MADNESS zone and we’re kinda pumped about it!  So, splash some bleach water on your face, celebrate the love and listen today!