Episode 256 – Muppets and Star Wars and Henson and Lucas

We all know Muppets and Star Wars go together like a bowl of peanut butter and M&M’s but how did this all come about?  How did the wizardry of George Lucas and the magic of Jim Henson combine and change both of their creations?  Join us as we explore the long and connected history of Star Wars and The Muppets and we take a very close look at the time Luke Skywalker and the droids traveled to a “Comedy Variety Show Planet” known as The Muppet Show in search of Chewbacca!  PLUS: what does Tony Danza have to do with it and was there ever a George Lucas muppet?
It’s time to play the music and it’s time to light the lights! Listen today and celebrate the love with the sensational inspirational celebrational BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 255 – INDY YEAR – Raiders on Record – interview with TOM VOEGELI

Indy Year continues as we look at a little secret gem in Indiana Jones history, 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark : The Movie on Record.  This wild artifact from the past is basically the entire movie, cut down to about 45 minutes and presented in a purely audio format.  It has no narration and is just audio from the film with some extra sounds mixed in along the way. Join us as we talk to the record’s Grammy winning producer and engineer, TOM VOEGELI about just how all this all happened.   How did Tom’s work on the Star Wars Radio Dramas lead to the record?  What involvement did sound wizard Ben Burtt have on it all?  Why is the audio format so perfect for the world of Indiana Jones? It’s a fascinating interview and we are so happy to shine some Staff of Ra light on this amazing record! So, trust us and listen today for some fortune and glory

Listen to the record here:

Episode 254 – The Boba Fett Renaissance

BOBA FETT!  have you heard of him?  We’re finally doing an episode all about the one and only Boba Fett because we finally feel like we have our loving feelings straightened out on him.  Join us as we look why this masked figure on a pink dinosaur gained so much mystery and popularity early on and how the cult of Boba has really only just begun! PLUS: we discover an old early reader novel that may hold a clue to the meaning of the Book of Boba Fett title.  So get out that hologram watch and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS! 

Episode 253 – 2-1B MY VALENTINE

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that can mean only one thing … 2-1B!  Join us as we talk everything 2-1B including his legendary scene in ESB, deleted scenes, his beautiful voice, the many appearances in other Star Wars things, 2-1B in the EU and more!!  If all that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love, we close things out with our (and a special guest) descriptions of fantasy romantic dream dates with 2-1B!  Don’t tell FX-7 because it’s a 2-1B love fest like nobody has ever done before!! 

So, take care sir and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!

Episode 252 – Mando Over Again – Season 2 thoughts and Season 3 speculation

It’s been a little while since it ended but we are still not done thinking about The Mandalorian season 2!  Between Bo Katan, the evolution of Din, the rescue and separation and the themes presented in the series, we still have a lot to discuss!  Join us as we look back at each episode in the last season and wildly speculate on what it could all mean for season 3 and beyond!!  So put on some Slayer, rate each Dorito in that bag and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Episode 251 – INDY YEAR month 1 – From Star Wars to Indiana Jones

Our year long monthly tribute to the 40th anniversary of Star Wars’ cousin, Indiana Jones is finally here!  In this first installment, we are looking at the creation of Indy and how so many of the same ingredients that went into the creation of the galaxy far far away also went into making the great adventure.  How did Lucas and Spielberg meet?  Who is the third very important person that made the early development of Raiders soar?  What happened in the lengthy story conferences where much of everything Indiana Jones was figured out?  Just what is it about the Indy films that much like Star Wars, makes them still work so well today?  This is the fun filled kickoff to Indy Year and you don’t need the Staff of Ra to find it!   So build some sand castles on the beach, trust us & listen today for some Fortune and Glory!  

Episode 250 – The Junior Jedi Training Manual Experience

It’s our 5-year anniversary and this week we our pledging our undying love to Star Wars by renewing our vows and taking the JEDI OATH with the 1999 masterpiece known as The Junior Jedi Training Manual.  This amazing CD / book combo was released for kids with The Phantom Meance and it seriously almost made us explode.  Join us as we freak out a little, wonder if we are getting high from sounds, discuss robots in trench coats and meet exotic new Adult Aliens.  It’s the ultimate experience in Star Wars madness and we are thrilled to be back!   So, take the Jedi Oath with us and celebrate the love! 


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See you there in 2022!


It’s the epic conclusion to SAGA YEAR, and in true RISE OF SKYWALKER fashion, it’s a DYAD of episodes!  What we loved in one and what still confuses & frustrates us in the other!  Klaud!  Ochi of Bastoon!  Rey Skywalker! Palpatine!  Bee Gees Luke & more.  It’s a therapy session couple episodes and it’s our final episodes of the year!!   SO CELEBRATE THE LOVE & LISTEN TODAY!

Episode 247 – Return of the Blast Points Holiday Special

It’s the Return of the Blast Points Holiday Special!  The greatest holiday tradition ever is back!  We made it home for Life Day and we are joined by tons of SPECIAL GUESTS and FRIENDS sharing their magical Star Wars holiday memories and traditions!  

PLUS : “The Client” meets Santa, Chewbacca reads Twas The Night Before Christmas, a special call from “George Lucas” & Boba Fett vs. St. Nick!  

So look for that armor under the AC/DC record and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!