Episode 339 – AOTC YEAR Holiday Special – Giving Thanks to Attack of the Clones

It’s the holiday season and in the spirit of giving and for our grand finale to AOTC YEAR, we are listing off 40 reasons why we are thankful for ATTACK OF THE CLONES!  We each picked 20 things that we love about the second Star Wars prequel and we’re kissing that movie under the mistletoe over and over!  Listen as we give thanks to Wat Tambor, the floating pear, Dooku on a speeder, the mullet and so much more.  PLUS : listen as we play incredible messages from Blast Points listeners on why THEY give thanks to AOTC!  

So, hop on Zam’s speeder and give gifts to all the children on the galaxy, celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 336 – AOTC YEAR – The Outlander Club with AMY RICHAU

AOTC Year is back and we’re going clubbing!  Join us as we are going second by second into the “best four minutes of Star Wars” – The exciting Attack of the Clones OUTLANDER CLUB! We’re not alone on this quest into the lower levels of Coruscant as we’re joined by Star Wars author and friend of the show Amy Richau!   It’s nonstop excitement as we talk about sheer pants, Elan Sleazebaggano’s ears, the shocking Don Bies cameo and then sheer pants again.  You’ll never view the Outlander Club the same way again! 

So call up some fancy Niemoidians, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Episode 333 – Tales of the Jedi – Dooku Edition

Tales of the Jedi is here and first we are talking all about the three incredible COUNT DOOKU stories! We love The Count quite a bit and these bite size bits of Dooku have us going off the deep end with heavy Star Wars thoughts. Good Dooku, master and apprentices, Yaddle, Mundi’s giant hood and so much more! 

PLUS – the shocking final SNOKETOBERFEST of the year! 

So, erase Kamino from the archives, celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 307 – AOTC YEAR – Attack of the AOTC DVD

Our tribute to the 20th anniversary of ATTACK OF THE CLONES continues as we are joined by our awesome friend and AOTC super fan Silver from the amazing Star Wars Thrifting and Into the Garbage Chute Podcast to discuss our best friend, the Episode II DVD!   All our lives changed for the better in November 2002 with this DVD came into our lives and this episode is a giant love letter to that magical home video release.   From the history making digital video transfer to the commentary, to the insane deleted scenes and mind warping documentaries,,, we are talking about it all!!   So, don’t fall asleep to it and do celebrate the love and listen today!

Check out Silver and Cat on Into the Garbage Chute

And watch as Silver finds amazing Star Wars stuff on Star Wars Thrifting

Episode 299 – AOTC YEAR – The Attack of the Clones LOVE-IN!

Our year long tribute to Attack of the Clones continues as this month we look at one the most important aspects of the film : THE LOVE.  Join us as we examine our massive love for the film, the way the love has grown for AOTC in the past 20 years, the fascinating role love plays in the movie, how it spreads throughout the saga and more!  PLUS : words of wisdom from our wise bearded guru, groovy AOTC dialog poetry and real reactions from AOTC fans after a recent big screen showing!  It’s the dawning of the age of AOTC so celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 296 – AOTC YEAR – The Most Important Star Wars Movie Ever

It’s the kickoff to our year long, once a month tribute to the 20th anniversary of our much loved ATTACK OF THE CLONES and we’re getting the party starting by declaring that AOTC IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAR WARS MOVIE EVER.   (or at least it’s definitely in the top three)   Join us as we go through 20 ways Episode II has influenced almost all Star Wars that has come after it.   From cook droids to Clone Wars to Dropships to Fetts, it all there in ATTACK OF THE CLONES!  So, shake your shoe in the air, buy an empty box, listen today and celebrate the love!  



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Episode 285 – The 100 Minute Marks of Star Wars

This week we are tackling an extremely important Star Wars topic – what happens at the 100 minute mark of the Star Wars films?  Just like the films themselves, they’re all a little different but they all that thar certain type of galaxy far far away magic. What happens in them, how are they alike and what is our ranking of them?  It’s a Star Wars topic that’ll have you viewing the films and counting numbers in a whole new way!  

PLUS :  the dramatic return of everyone’s favorite pickled celebration, SNOKETOBERFEST!   

So get out that wax paper, celebrate the love and listen today! 

Episode 258 – Star Wars End Scene Magic

Star Wars movies contain many rich traditions like operatic storytelling, faster and more intense action, explosions, and gorgeous dialogue free end scenes that soar with music and end the film with an epic exclamation point!  Join us as we look at these scenes and rank our own personal top 12 Star Wars cinematic ending scenes!  What do we agree on?  Where do our opinions split? What’s our different number one picks?  Will a Star Wars movie ever end with a blooper reel? So, dance around, give an Ewok an hug and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 257 – The AOTC IMAX Mystery

Join us as we explore one of the greatest mysteries in Star Wars history, the shortened down IMAX verson of AOTC!  In November 2002, Attack of the Clones was released in around 50 IMAX theaters across the country with a little over 20 minutes of the film cut out so it could play on the giant IMAX projectors.  What was cut out?  What stayed in the movie?  What new information do we have on just WHO did the edit?  Why was there never IMAX versions of ROTS or TPM?  Did the floating space pear show up?  All these questions are answered and more in this shocking, mysterious, hilarious and revealing mystery filled episode!  
So meet up with those Dorme and Bibble fans in the lobby and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 210 – The Best Ahmed Best On Location AOTC Videos

You wanted the Best, you’ve got the Best! It’s the Ahmed Best AOTC On Location videos!!  Long thought lost, these videos showed up online last year (thanks to listener Matthew after hearing our Jar Jar episode) and suddenly all was right in the galaxy again! Listen along as we go over all 30 of the amazing videos with Ahmed talking to legends like George Lucas, John Knoll, Hayden Christensen drinking juice, RICK MCCALLUM and more!!  It’s all sunshine and autographs!  So listen today and celebrate the love of the Star Wars super cult phenomenon !   

Watch all the Ahmed Best On Location videos here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ7bptPq74BeH1XXp7Uy_bXTEaBUabq5i