Episode 368 : Dorothee and Les Petits Ewoks

It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for as we are finally dedicating an entire hour to the French kids superstar and only person to release four songs about Ewoks, DOROTHEE!   Join us as we look at Dorothee’s vast and incredible history, a shocking discovery about her on Disney Plus and most importantly, her Ewok songs!  We’re listening to each one and sharing the English translations of the beautiful lyrics!  You’re not the only person singing about Cindel and Duloks!  PLUS : hear the frightening French Wicket voice from Caravan of Courage!  So get that courage in your heart, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Watch Dorothee Ewok videos!

Les Petits Ewoks : https://youtu.be/euVpCyu245U

La Chanson des Ewoks:  https://youtu.be/K8hbV7rxeBA

Les Petits Ewoks LIVE : https://youtu.be/5u290f90N-c

We support the SAG-AFTRA / WGA strike! We love this stuff and we want our favorite who make our favorite things people to be treated fairly! 


People say the Ewok movies aren’t canon, they never happened, nobody likes them them … but we’re saying maybe that’s not true?  Join us as Ewok Movie Month rages on we take a look at some of the many things first seen in the two made for television Ewok films that have spread into other eras of Star Wars!  From Nightsisters to video games to Galaxy’s Edge, the Ewok Movies are EVERYWHERE!   And listen for an EXCLUSIVE Blast Points Ewok Movie Month report from Talking Bay 94 as Brandon interviews TEEK herself, Niki Botelho!  They talk about studying Warwick Davis’ movements as a Wicket stand-in, Wilford Brimley and all the Teek Love in the world today!   If that wasn’t enough, there’s tons of amazing messages from listeners on why THEY love the Ewok movies!!  It’s an all out Ewok Movie Love Fest so listen today!  

Check out Talking Bay 94: https://talkingbay94.libsyn.com

Episode 235 – Ewok Month – THE MYTHOLOGY OF THE EWOK ADVENTURES with Marie-Claire from WHAT THE FORCE

It’s Ewok Month week THREE and it’s time to get deep into the incredible mythology of the Ewok Saga! To help us with this quest, we welcome Marie-Claire Gould from the wonderful What the Force podcast.  Join us as she breaks down the hero’s quest in Caravan of Courage, the heroine’s journey in Battle for Endor, a brain exploding Hidden Fortress parallel, the meaning of the Gorax, Teek, Fairy Tales and so much more.  It’s an illuminating episode that will make you never look at the Ewok Adventures the same way again!   So sing that sweet lullaby to Wilford Brimley, listen today and celebrate the love!