Episode 311 – Celebration Survival Guide with Skytalkers 

Star Wars Celebration 2022 is right around the corner, but don’t panic as BLAST POINTS and SKYTALKERS are here to help!   It’s the return of the ultimate Star Wars podcast team up as these veterans of many past celebrations take you through all their personal tips and tricks on how to make the most of your experience!   What time should you arrive?  What about after parties?  Vendors?  Panels?  Lotteries?  SOCKS!! All that and more in this informative and revealing tag team episode!!   

So, badge check your badge check, celebrate the love and listen today!   

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Episode 309 – AOTC YEAR – Celebration II Celebration

It has been 20 years since Star Wars Celebration II in Indianapolis and this week we are combining AOTC Year and Celebration Month as we look back at our first SW Celebration when the AOTC hype was at its highest level!  Join us as we look back on the state of fandom in 2002, our instant impressions of the convention, the panels we went to, our very hazy memories and we get out Jason’s 20-year-old program and examine the many incredible panels we DID NOT go to!  It’s a Celebration II celebration so celebrate the love and listen today!!

Episode 164 – Steve Sansweet and the Amazing Story of Celebration 1

It’s Phantom Menace Year meets Celebration Month as Jason and Gabe are joined by Star Wars royalty, Rancho Obi-Wan’s STEVE SANSWEET as they discuss just how Star Wars Celebration began!  How was it conceived, what was it almost called, how did 1999’s Celebration almost not happen at all, what was it like to be part of the crew running in, and how did what started in muddy tents in Denver lead to what we know it as today?  Listen as Steve tells all the secrets of Celebration’s creation and rich legacy!  PLUS : What is in store for fans at Chicago’s Rancho Obi-Wan Experience?  Do Jason and Gabe mention the Sansweet QVC specials?  Listen & find out!!So enter the lottery where everyone is a winner & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!
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Episode 156 : The Sunny Day in the Void Appreciation Society

This week, Jason and Gabe welcome you to the first meeting of The Sunny Day in the Void Appreciation Society!  Join us as we take a look back at George Lucas’ favorite episode of Clone Wars!  How does this odd tale of a tiny frog man and some droids actually contain the essential DNA and thoughts of not only the Star Wars saga, but THX-1138 and just about all of Lucas’ work?  Want to understand the saga on a different level?  Feel, don’t think, trust your instincts and be ready to adapt just like Colonel Gascon! It’s a look back at one of Clone Wars’ most misunderstood episodes that’ll have you watching it again in a whole new way. 

PLUS: Star Wars Celebration Chicago is heating up with guests and we are so not ready!  Will Canady be there?  Would Rick “Dude” McCallum show up?  

So escape the prison of your mind and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!   

This episode’s Lucas clips :https://youtu.be/_DByPy8aEPw
Writer Brent Friedman discusses the creative process behind A Sunny Day In The Void:

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Episode 133 – Skywalking To 1987’s Celebration 0 With Richard Woloski

Where were you in 1987?  We were watching Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, but out in sunny California, there was the first ever official Star Wars convention!!  This week Jason and Gabe are talking to Richard Woloski from Skywalking Through Neverland about his adventures at this mysterious con!  What were panels?  Who were the guests?  What did Richard ask George Lucas?  What was it like being a fan in 87? Is Karate Kid 3 worth watching?  Can you catch a cold from Lucas?  Tune in for all these questions and more!!

PLUS: the big Episode IX casting announcement freak out!

So drink your water, sneak around backstage and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Listen to Skywalking Through Neverland!


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C-3PO & R2-D2 at Celebration 0


Darth Vader at Celebration 0