Episode 329 – Designing Galaxy’s Edge with ERIC BAKER (featuring TOM SPINA)

When we finally got to visit Galaxy’s Edge last May, our minds were blown and we had to know one thing – who in the world was responsible for the little amazing details all over Batuu?  Join us as along with Tom Spina,  we get all the answers with former creative director with Walt Disney Imagineering, Eric Baker.  Eric and his crew were in charge of all beautiful, detailed props and set dressings for both Galaxy’s Edge locations and the story on how it came to be and how it was pulled off is INSANE.  Plus: talk of that certain Star Wars aesthetic AND what does a special edition musical instrument have to do with an old Kenner mail away figure backpack?   

Episode 173 – The Jar Jar Renaissance

It’s month six of Phantom Menace Year and what would a year long tribute to Episode 1 be without an episode all about our favorite Gungan, the one and only mister Jar Jar Binks.  Jar Jar & TPM are forever connected and as the film has begun to be looked at in a whole new way, so has Jar Jar finally.  Tune is as we take an epic look at our personal journey with Jar Jar, his design history, inspiration, his time on screen in films & Clone Wars, and his current very welcome renaissance.  AND listeners share their Jar Jar stories with emails and voice messages.  Jar Jar poetry?  Oke-day!  So crash into your boss’ heyblibber and celebrate the love with Blast Points! 

The Jar Jar song is “Cousin Jar Jar” by Meco