Episode 397 – The Birth of Star Wars – May 1976 to May 1977

In May of 1976, things looked pretty bleak for George Lucas’ big space fantasy movie. It was over schedule, over budget, nothing worked and the studio was getting nervous. Somehow in 12 months, everything changed and the movie opened to sell out crowds and became the phenomenon that continues today.   This week we are talking about all the miracles that helped make Star Wars become Star Wars.  

So get your A New Hope punchcards out, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 396 – Japanese George Lucas Commercial Reports with Silver (Star Wars Thrifting) and “plus one” Miranda

We all know about the legendary Japanese George Lucas commercials but have you seen the one with double the George Lucas in it?  Have you looked and him standing in the tall grass and thought about the fit of his blue jeans?  Have you read a story to your little robot friend, Sparky?  If you answered no then this episode is for you!  Listen as we’re joined once again by our friend Silver from Star Wars Thrifting and her amazing sister, Miranda and we watch the ads and discuss every one of them!   

So be surprised and entertained, celebrate the love and listen today!

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Episode 381 – 50 Years of American Graffiti

This week we are celebrating 50 years of George Lucas’ incredible second film, AMERICAN GRAFFITI. George was challenged to make something that people could relate to and he brought his youth filled with cruising and music to the screen in a way no one had done before. And because he’s George Lucas, the film was ahead of its time, influential, groundbreaking and paved the way for his little space fantasy movie. Listen as we talk about AMERICAN GRAFFITI, how it got made, the genius of Walter Murch and more! So get in your big chair, call up Wolfman Jack, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 341 – The George Lucas A&E Biography Fan Club

In the magical time of May 2002, there were three days on the cable television dedicated to Star Wars biographies and what better way to start it then with a giant sized special on The George Lucas.  Join us as we examine every inch of this A&E Biography special on the legendary Mr. Lucas and discuss how there are still so many things we are still learning about him.   It’s all about the baby photos, the college films, the chocolate bars and Coca-Colas and the mysterious giant case of frozen TV dinners.   

So celebrate the love and listen today!

Watch the Lucas biography here : https://youtu.be/yjDZ6axjhrw

Episode 300 – The George Lucas Hair History (Hair to the Empire)

It’s the epic moment you’ve all been waiting for, the 300th episode of BLAST POINTS!  We’re celebrating the only way we know how, by looking at the incredible history of GEORGE LUCAS’ HAIR.  It is the Hair to the Empire as we look at every era of the Lucas coiffure!   From the greaser stage to the dashing THX-1138 era, salt and pepper prequel era, loose times and his bold modern “shorts and an untucked shirt” look.   Every Lucas hairdo is talked about and we learn a lot about ourselves and life along the way.   It’s the 300th episode and we can’t thank all of you enough!!  So, get out your comb, celebrate the love and listen TODAY!

Episode 278 – George Lucas – Maker of Films – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

In the summer of 1971, film scholar and media theorist Gene Youngblood sat down in the grass under the Hollywood sign with some 27 year old kid named George Lucas for a local public access show on young filmmakers.  What came out of it is an endlessly fascinating conversation between two forward thinking and brilliant minds.  Lucas shares his frustration at the studio system, says how he thinks of himself as a toy maker and mentions he’s just then getting into making movies that have a story.   It’s a wild ride and all the pieces that eventually lead to the creation of STAR WARS are there! Join us as we discuss all deep the topics and look at this amazing portrait of the artist as a young man!  

So get your video CASS-ettes, listen today and celebrate the love! 

Watch it here :

Episode 267 – The Star Wars DVD Commentary Commentary

In honor of the 44th anniversary of the original George Lucas masterpiece, STAR WARS, this week we are talking all about the fascinating 2004 DVD commentary that featured Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt & Dennis Muren!  Lucas talks about influences and parsecs, we’re missing Carrie and Ben Burtt is just being Ben Burtt.   Along the way are minds are blown thinking about Luke and Leia (that’s right) and we wonder how it all could have been like Leonard Part 6.  Plus, of course, Beru is brought up. It’s an informative and “romantic” episode you won’t want to miss!!

So, call up that little bald human you know and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

Episode 259 – Mellody and George – A Love Story in a Zoom Call to Kids (featuring Whills)

There has been a wild Lucas spotting … have you felt it?  A recently discovered video features the great Mellody Hobson and her husband in a call to an elementary school in New York. Things start normal enough with Mellody answering kids’ excellent questions but once GL drifts in things take some interesting twists.  There is GL talking about the end of the world, Anakin’s fall to the dark side, the Whills and his secret name his sisters gave him… and we’re covering it all.   It’s hilarious, it’s thoughtful, it’s topical, it’s weird and it’s all very charming.  So, hurry up,  move to another solar system and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  
watch the amazing interview here : https://youtu.be/V7LhwO0EGi4

Episode 237 – Ewok Month / Saga Year – Dare To Be Cute – Return of the Jedi, Ewoks and The Power of Cute

In this final week of Ewok Movie Month, we’re taking back to where it all began with Return of the Jedi and the creation of the Ewoks.  With just about everyone telling George Lucas that little teddy bear creatures saving the Rebel Alliance was a bad idea, he never backed down and he DARED TO BE CUTE.  But why does cute feel so at home in Star Wars?  Like the Ewoks, is there a deeper meaning for the addition of the cute?  What would ROTJ be like without Ewoks and why did everyone, including toy makers think they would ruin Star Wars? It’s an Ewok Month / Saga Year crossover event and it’s the epic conclusion to a great month of Ewok madness!  So, join that teddy bear picnic, dare to be cute and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!  

BONUS EPISODE – George Lucas Super Live Adventure Super Live Commentary

NEW BONUS EPISODE! in 1993, audiences across Japan got to see a (super) live stage show tribute to the cinema of George Lucas. Willow, Tucker, Indiana Jones, American Graffiti and Star Wars all live featuring singing, dancing and a live tiger. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet YOU TOO can watch this bizarre and beautiful moment in history. Join us for a live commentary of the only known camcorder footage of the entire historic show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hand jive. Watch along with us today!

WATCH IT HERE : youtu.be/xiNY6NuGx4A