The first trailer for INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY is here and seriously folks, we are barely keeping it together. Listen as we discuss the trailer, how incredible it looks, share some theories on what could be happening, talk about how we will fall out of our chairs upon viewing it and more. So, if you miss the desert and the sea and want the return of the great adventure – then listen today!

Episode 251 – INDY YEAR month 1 – From Star Wars to Indiana Jones

Our year long monthly tribute to the 40th anniversary of Star Wars’ cousin, Indiana Jones is finally here!  In this first installment, we are looking at the creation of Indy and how so many of the same ingredients that went into the creation of the galaxy far far away also went into making the great adventure.  How did Lucas and Spielberg meet?  Who is the third very important person that made the early development of Raiders soar?  What happened in the lengthy story conferences where much of everything Indiana Jones was figured out?  Just what is it about the Indy films that much like Star Wars, makes them still work so well today?  This is the fun filled kickoff to Indy Year and you don’t need the Staff of Ra to find it!   So build some sand castles on the beach, trust us & listen today for some Fortune and Glory!