The first trailer for INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY is here and seriously folks, we are barely keeping it together. Listen as we discuss the trailer, how incredible it looks, share some theories on what could be happening, talk about how we will fall out of our chairs upon viewing it and more. So, if you miss the desert and the sea and want the return of the great adventure – then listen today!

Episode 327 – The D23 News Jamboree

The D23 Expo descended upon California last weekend and the big Lucasfilm panel did not disappoint!  Join us as we look at the big hitters of the panel and come to the conclusion that we are DOOMED!  We’re talking INDY 5, Andor, Willow, Bad Batch, Tales of the Jedi, Mando, Ahsoka and MORE!  What gave us goose bumps and what made us want ice cream?  It’s a warning that we are about to cross over into a STAR WARS MADNESS zone and we’re kinda pumped about it!  So, splash some bleach water on your face, celebrate the love and listen today!