TOM SPINA In Conversation With JUDY ELKINS

In this edition of Blast Points Presents, we are honored to bring you a conversation with our friend Tom Spina and the incredible Judy Elkins.   Star Wars fans know Judy as the creator of some of our FAVORITE Return of the Jedi creatures like YAK FACE, YUZZUM, THE TOADSTOOL TERROR!!   Tom and Judy also talk about her amazing and inspiring story of getting into work at ILM through studying art and animation, her influences, what music she listened to at ILM and so much more!  Listen today! CHECK OUT THE NEW YAK FACE ARCHIVE COLLECTION BUST AND ALL THE AMAZING STUFF REGAL ROBOT HAS GOING ON & JOIN THE EMAIL LIST here :

Episode 343 – The Creature Creators of Jabba’s Palace with TOM SPINA

We’ve talked about the creatures of Return of the Jedi but now the time has come to talk about the creators of the creatures!  They’re the aliens of Jabba’s Palace that we’ve loved for 40 years but who designed them?  Listen as we are joined once again by Regal Robot and Tom Spina Design’s Tom Spina to uncover the facts on who made who and what were they thinking?  Which ones are Phil Tippett monsters and which ones are Chris Walas?  Who made Yakface and how do you say Boushh? 

Listen today & celebrate the love!