Episode 360 – Catching Up with David W. Collins and the Sound of Star Wars

This week we are thrilled to welcome back to Blast Points, Skywalker Sound’s David W. Collins!  Since we last talked a couple of years ago, David was nominated for an Emmy for his sound work on The Book of Boba Fett, led the way with Tales of the Jedi and The Bad Batch season 2 and was the sound designer for that little thing called The Mandalorian season 3.  Join us as we go over all of that and more as we explore what went into creating sounds for so much of the recent stuff we’ve loved.  What’s the secret sound in Gorian Shard’s voice, what was the inspiration for Gideon’s mech suit and where can you hear the sound of Jon Favreau’s dog?  

So, listen today & celebrate the love!    

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Episode 351 – The Mandalorian Chapter 21 – “The Pirate” Freakout

This week we’re all part of the Pirate Nation as we set sail with The Mandalorian Chapter 21, The Pirate!  This is one delirious episode of Mando and it’s got us talking about how it’s possibly the most George Lucas episode yet and somehow it thematically connects to both The Phantom Menace and Death Wish 3.  AND the return of our King Gorian Shard, an ughnaught in a sweater, deep thoughts and so much more.   So take off your helmet, listen today and celebrate the love!

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Episode 350 – The Mandalorian Chapter 20 “The Foundling” Freakout

Grab your helmet, that bottle of sunscreen and some Dragon Hawk repellent as this week it’s a Mandalorian Beach Party! Join us as we discuss this wild episode, the incredible Ahmed Best Jedi moment and how it made our prequel loving hearts soar, the deep stuff, baby dragons, Naboo blaster sounds and so much more. We are loving this season of The Mandalorian and we’re not afraid to the even tell the Armorer about it. So spit up a little Mando kid, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 349 – The Mandalorian Chapter 19 – “The Convert” Freakout

This week we’re going to the Coruscant Opera House to hear all about the tragedy of Doctor Pershing! It’s a wild and wonderful episode of The Mandalorian that has a lot to say and we have a lot to say about it! Join us as we discuss the continuing themes of change and belief, the thematic comparisons with the two stories being told, cloning confusion, the Terry Gilliam-ness of it all, and so much more. Plus, we observe a moment of silence for Bo Katan’s late great droid. So grab that 27B-6 form, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 348 – The Mandalorian Chapter 18 “The Mines of Mandalore” Freakout 

This week Mando is not messing around with getting to the Mines of Mandalore and neither are we as we talk all about this wild episode of The Mandalorian season 3!  Join us as we go other some of the themes that seem to be presenting themselves so far in the season like the major Star Wars food groups that are change, choice, understanding and belief.   Then listen along as we break down the entire episode including the Phil Tippett nightmare droid, Bo Katan’s friendly droid, Grogu’s desire to go to Batuu and more!  

So score some Nuke, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Episode 347 – The Mandalorian Chapter 17 “The Apostate” Freakout

The Mandalorian is BACK and we are kicking off eight weeks of non stop Mandelirious Madness here on Blast Points!  This week we’re talking about THE APOSTATE and how this episode messed us up like a big space dinosaur turtle throwing Mandalorians around on a beach.  Join us as we go into every detail of the episode and somehow relate it back to HOT TO TROT and OLD COUNTRY BUFFET.   And … we’re losing our minds over PIRATE KING GORIAN SHARD in a major way.  A major way.  So get some chocolate milk ready, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Episode 327 – The D23 News Jamboree

The D23 Expo descended upon California last weekend and the big Lucasfilm panel did not disappoint!  Join us as we look at the big hitters of the panel and come to the conclusion that we are DOOMED!  We’re talking INDY 5, Andor, Willow, Bad Batch, Tales of the Jedi, Mando, Ahsoka and MORE!  What gave us goose bumps and what made us want ice cream?  It’s a warning that we are about to cross over into a STAR WARS MADNESS zone and we’re kinda pumped about it!  So, splash some bleach water on your face, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 306 – The Art of The Art of The Mandalorian Season 2

The long-standing tradition of Star Wars art books and our long-standing tradition of talking about them continues with author Phil Szostak’s latest masterpiece, The Art of The Mandalorian season 2!   With Mando’s second season, we find the Lucasfilm Art Department working at the height of the strength with the look of the show really coming together.  But how does it all connect to the greater Star Wars aesthetic and what are the greatest lessons of designing for this bold, new era of SW storytelling?  Join us as we ask these questions, discuss the amazing art from each episode and pick our personal favorite pieces along the way!  So, head to Freetown, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 252 – Mando Over Again – Season 2 thoughts and Season 3 speculation

It’s been a little while since it ended but we are still not done thinking about The Mandalorian season 2!  Between Bo Katan, the evolution of Din, the rescue and separation and the themes presented in the series, we still have a lot to discuss!  Join us as we look back at each episode in the last season and wildly speculate on what it could all mean for season 3 and beyond!!  So put on some Slayer, rate each Dorito in that bag and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!