Episode 306 – The Art of The Art of The Mandalorian Season 2

The long-standing tradition of Star Wars art books and our long-standing tradition of talking about them continues with author Phil Szostak’s latest masterpiece, The Art of The Mandalorian season 2!   With Mando’s second season, we find the Lucasfilm Art Department working at the height of the strength with the look of the show really coming together.  But how does it all connect to the greater Star Wars aesthetic and what are the greatest lessons of designing for this bold, new era of SW storytelling?  Join us as we ask these questions, discuss the amazing art from each episode and pick our personal favorite pieces along the way!  So, head to Freetown, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 270 – The Art of The Art of The Force Awakens

This week is all about the amazing THE ART OF FORCE AWAKENS!  2013 was a magical time as Star Wars was just getting ready to strike back in a major way.  The Yoda like production designer, living legend and hero of ours, Rick Carter led this quest with a period of guided imagery from the best artists in the world where the blue sky was the limit and some incredible illustrations flowed along next to the story.  It was the time of Jedi Killers, Kira and Sam, Darth Talon, John Doe and RIFFS.  Join us as we look at this time, discuss the importance of concept art & much, much more!!So get in that dream state, go backwards and forwards, turn of your left brain, ask “what is BLAST POINTS?”, listen today and celebrate the love!! 


This week we are thrilled to be talking with the creative art manager at Lucasfilm and the author of the Art of books for The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Solo : A Star Wars Story and The Rise of Skywalker, PHIL SZOSTAK.  Join us as we talk with Phil about his love for the saga, the importance of influences at a young age, talking to Rick McCallum, the power of Star Wars art, mystery dolphin movies, Star Trek V’s good parts and pineapple on pizza.  It’s an episode we’ve wanted to make happen for a long time and we can’t thank Phil enough for talking to us.  So listen today & celebrate the love because the club is open!