Episode 361 – The Indiana Jones Celebration

If adventure has a name, it must be INDY MONTH!  It’s the kickoff to our month long celebration of all things Indiana Jones and we’re barely keeping it together.   Listen as we slowly lose our minds about the IndyMania going on right now as we get closer and closer to The Dial of Destiny!  Then we ask the ultimate question that is so simple and yet so complicated – WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INDIANA JONES MOVIE? We answer the question ourselves and then we turn it over to so many of our friends to hear what they think!  What of the original four got the most votes?   You have to listen and find out!  

So, read up on your Michaelson chapters 4 & 5 and listen today!  

Episode 283 – INDY YEAR – The Sounds of Indiana Jones

Indy Year continues and it’s about time we talked about the magical wizard Ben Burtt and his contributions to the sound of Indiana Jones!  How is the sound of Indy like Star Wars?  What sets it apart?  How were some of the most iconic Indy sounds created? Join us as we listen to sounds from all 4 Indy films and share how they were created and why it’s all about toilet bowl covers, irritated chickens and cheese casserole.   
So grab your fuzzy microphone, get on Big Thunder Mountain, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Episode 279 – INDY YEAR – The Archaeology of Indiana Jones with Dr. David West Reynolds

Indy Year continues as this month we welcome the legendary Dr. David West Reynolds. In addition to finding the actual shooting locations from Star Wars back in the mid 1990s, creating the visual dictionaries and building Star Wars.com, Dr. Reynolds has for decades been doing archaeology on Raiders of the Lost Ark!  He has been an actual Indiana Jones in the deserts of the world and in the Lucasfilm archives!  Join us as we learn about the actual location of the Well of Souls!  The secret facts behind the German flying wing!  Abner Ravenwood’s snow monster foot!  Whipping Steve Sansweet in a Ewok costume!  AND did you know he played Boba Fett for two years?! It’s a mind blowing, super fun episode so get that fortune & glory and listen today!


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the real nazi flying wing

Episode 275 – INDY YEAR – Raiders of the Lost Read Along Books

Indy Year continues as we get totally serious and talk about the hottest topic there is – the Indiana Jones kids read along books and records!  Join us as we listen to the read along records for Raiders, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade.  They’re a weird and exciting world of outrageous cuts to the story and even more outrageous accents!   What characters are cut and why is the Temple of the Doom read along the original evil heavy metal headbanging record?!  So even go through the mail, listen today & get that fortune and glory with BLAST POINTS!