Episode 373 – Kristin Baver and Phil Szostak From A Certain Point of View

This week we are thrilled to welcome back to Blast Points, From a Certain Point of View Return of the Jedi authors and all around awesome people, Kristin Baver and Phil Szostak! Their stories in FACPOV were some    of our favorites and we’re talking with them all about how these stories about the legendary Max Rebo and Sy Snootles came to be!  The hidden Beatles and Stones references, the Rebooty of it all, the FLIPPERS and so much more!  So, get that jar of Goober Grape ready, listen today and celebrate the love!

We support the SAG-AFTRA / WGA strike! We love this stuff and we want our favorite who make our favorite things people to be treated fairly! 

Episode 366 – The EditDroid And Uncut ROTJ Super Fun Hour

The summer is heating up and so is Blast Points as this week we’re talking about the EDITDROID!  In the early eighties George Lucas wanted to streamline the film editing process so he put the laserdisc based EditDroid project into motion!  What ever happened to it and what does it all have to do with that wizard BEN BURTT?  

As if that wasn’t hot enough, we’re watching the infamous EditDroid laserdisc of uncut footage from the Yoda’s hut scene in ROTJ!  Different lines of dialog!  Yoda almost bursting into flames and so much more!   

So edit your home movies after hours, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Documentary on the EditDroid :

Charlie Owen’s EditDroid laserdisc footage :

Lucasfilm.com article on the EditDroid https://www.lucasfilm.com/news/lucasfilm-originals-the-editdroid/

We support the SAG-AFTRA / WGA strike!  We love this stuff and we want our favorite who make our favorite things people to be treated fairly! 


Episode 356 – The Return Of The Jedi 40th Anniversary Celebration

It’s a May the 4th spectacular as we celebrate the return of Return of the Jedi back in movie theaters! Listen as we talk about our theater experiences, why we are “return of the jedi people” and why the creatures panel from Celebration 2022 continues to rule our minds! PLUS – hear recordings from over 25 Blast Points listeners on THEIR ROTJ theater experiences and why THEY love this classic Star Wars film! 

So be already on your way out, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 346 – Defending Star Wars with Siskel and Ebert

In May of 1983, as the Rebels battled the evil Empire on movie screens, film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert battled the Palpatine of critics, John Simon on TV screens!  Join us as we examine this epic showdown about Return of the Jedi and discover that the debate they have is nothing new and has never left us!  PLUS : we explore the amazing history of Siskel and Ebert reviewing Star Wars and how they learned to not only love the saga but champion all of it’s unique qualities! 

So take the kids to Tender Mercies, celebrate the love and listen today!  

WATCH THE SISKEL AND EBERT STAR WARS REVIEWS HERE: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnkOCZDl_Isv8EeBdp60Ss3X6nURvf9ZG

Episode 343 – The Creature Creators of Jabba’s Palace with TOM SPINA

We’ve talked about the creatures of Return of the Jedi but now the time has come to talk about the creators of the creatures!  They’re the aliens of Jabba’s Palace that we’ve loved for 40 years but who designed them?  Listen as we are joined once again by Regal Robot and Tom Spina Design’s Tom Spina to uncover the facts on who made who and what were they thinking?  Which ones are Phil Tippett monsters and which ones are Chris Walas?  Who made Yakface and how do you say Boushh? 

Listen today & celebrate the love!

Episode 331 – Luke’s Death Blow

It’s a simple question but one that inspires thousands of thoughts – Why did Vader block Luke’s death blow to the Emperor in Return of the Jedi?  Especially if he still wanted to rule the galaxy as father and son.   Inspired by a 2013 blog post from JW Rinzler where he asked this question, we are analyzing every aspect of this small but oh so important moment in ROTJ.   What was Vader thinking and what clues in earlier moments lead us there?   Plus, what did George Lucas say the meaning of that moment was?  Listen and find out!

AND – SNOKETOBERFEST CONTINUES!  The giant clone thing in gold isn’t done making sounds and the SNOKETOBERFEST party is far from over!  

So, get in a laser fight, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Check out JW Rinzler’s original article here: https://www.starwars.com/news/lukes-death-blow

BLAST POINTS PRESENTS – A Conversation With Tom Spina And Ken Ralston!

In this new edition of BLAST POINTS PRESENTS, we are happy to share the audio version of a recent conversation “our friend and frequent guest”  Tom Spina from Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot had with multi-Oscar winning Vis. FX Supervisor Ken Ralston!  They’re talking about Ken’s incredible career, his visionary creature contributions to RETURN OF THE JEDI and more!  We all know and love the maquettes from From Star Wars To Jedi and Classic Creatures and Ken sculpted a handful of those AND now Regal Robot has just released their replica of the Weequay maquette that Ken created.  So check out this awesome chat with Tom and Ken!  

get your own Weequay here : https://regalrobot.com/shop/star-wars/starwars-busts-statues-collectibles/weequay-concept-maquette-replica/

watch the original video here : https://youtu.be/KWuSrbUeC0Q

and here : https://youtu.be/JHJaRMV1wnk




Episode 323 – The Creatures Of Jabba’s Palace With TOM SPINA

On Sunday, May 29th 2022, Blast Points with Tom Spina, Amy Ratcliffe and Kirk Thatcher (and his captain’s hat) changed the world at Star Wars Celebration with the legendary Creatures of Return of the Jedi panel.   Now for all of you that weren’t there, we’ve teamed up with Tom once again to deliver a special super expanded version of everything we talked about in Anaheim and so much more!   Join us as we talk the “dare to be weird” creatures of Jabba’s Palace by going over EVERY ONE OF THEM!!  And we even go over some that were NOT in the film!  Did someone say LIGHTMAN?!?  

So, get out your book of hair, listen today and celebrate the love!  




Episode 297 – Max Rebo Behind the Music

It was the music that defined a generation and shaped popular culture but now join Blast Points as they take you on a journey behind the music of the legendary Max Rebo Band.  From humble beginnings as Red Ball Jett and Monster 21 to surviving against the odds to a hot new gig at The Sanctuary!  Listen along as we explore how Rebo was created, examine every Rebo song, discuss the band’s wild history and answer the burning question of DOES MAX ACTUALLY PLAY WITH HIS LEGS?  So, get out your Palpatones greatest hits double LP, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Thanks to Brandon Wainerdi and Tori Fox for the voices in the intro!  

Max Rebo songs : http://maxreboband.weebly.com/

Classic Creatures Documentary : https://youtu.be/Aqcz7ZAIh7w

Return of the Ewok clip featuring “Fancy Man” : https://youtu.be/Zd4Gwe6EYaU

Pablo’s Star Wars.com article : https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-mysteries-getting-to-the-bottom-of-max-rebo

Episode 285 – The 100 Minute Marks of Star Wars

This week we are tackling an extremely important Star Wars topic – what happens at the 100 minute mark of the Star Wars films?  Just like the films themselves, they’re all a little different but they all that thar certain type of galaxy far far away magic. What happens in them, how are they alike and what is our ranking of them?  It’s a Star Wars topic that’ll have you viewing the films and counting numbers in a whole new way!  

PLUS :  the dramatic return of everyone’s favorite pickled celebration, SNOKETOBERFEST!   

So get out that wax paper, celebrate the love and listen today!