Episode 311 – Celebration Survival Guide with Skytalkers 

Star Wars Celebration 2022 is right around the corner, but don’t panic as BLAST POINTS and SKYTALKERS are here to help!   It’s the return of the ultimate Star Wars podcast team up as these veterans of many past celebrations take you through all their personal tips and tricks on how to make the most of your experience!   What time should you arrive?  What about after parties?  Vendors?  Panels?  Lotteries?  SOCKS!! All that and more in this informative and revealing tag team episode!!   

So, badge check your badge check, celebrate the love and listen today!   

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It’s an extra special bonus episode as we welcome back our friends from the excellent SKYTALKERS podcast, Charlotte and Caitlin for an action packed, fun filled round of STAR WARS WORD ASSOCIATION!!  Things go from hilarious to straight to dark and then quickly get rather “quirky”in a way that has to be heard to be believed!!  So go find some bones & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS and SKYTALKERS!
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Episode 159 – The Skytalkers / Blast Points Ultimate Crossover! (Blastalkers) (it’s all about balance & friendship)

This week it’s the most ambitious crossover in all of history as Jason and Gabe are joined by the Charlotte and Caitlin, the hosts of the fantastic Star Wars podcast SKYTALKERS for an epic round of 20 questions!!  Join them as they have an epic, laugh filled conversation that ranges from podcasting, Episode 9 predictions, Master Codebreaker, the saga’s enduring power, The Phantom Menace, animation, the lost 20, Lady Proxima, Celebration Chicago tips, friendship and of course balance.  (because it’s all about balance, tbh).  

So get that pasta ready and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS and SKYTALKERS!