NICHOLAS BRITELL Roundtable Interview – The Music of Andor

We are honored to be a part of this epic roundtable interview with three-time Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning composer of the incredible score for Andor, Nicholas Britell! 

Join us as along with our friends from Friends of the Force: A Star Wars Podcast, Jedi News, Skytalkers,, Talking Bay 94, and Triad of the Force we learn all about how the unique score was created, it’s inspiration and so much more! 

Celebrate the love and listen today!

Episode 178 – The Mono Mix Strikes Back

Did you know that in the summer of 1980 there were three different versions of Empire Strikes Back playing simultaneously each with it’s own unique audio track?  Or that the first ESB “special edition” actually came out in June 1980?  Our obsession with the weird and ever changing Star Wars saga audio continues this week as we dive into Empire’s various wild sound mixes.  Stereo, mono, 70mm, VHS,  97 Special Edition, DVD, Blu Ray… each one was a little different and we can’t stop talking about it!  From words that kept appearing and disappearing for 30 years to moments where Williams’ score just vanished, we’re going over it all!  So be sure you say thanks to 3PO and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!


ESB mono / stereo differences youtube video:

70mm ESB ending :

Carrie ESB phone promotion outtakes :