Episode 382 – The Story of Star Wars Story

The Story of Star Wars record is a 46 year old classic record that somehow WE HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO. It makes no sense but this 50 minute or so audio only version of the 1977 film has been off our radar until today! Join us as we discuss the record’s history, legacy, the shocking connection to The Beatles and more, PLUS – we finally listen to the whole thing from beginning to end. Spoiler alert — it blows our minds. So, head to the beach with your boombox, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 369 – The Star Wars / Star Trek Connection

For over 40 years now people have said you can’t like both Star Wars and Star Trek, but with this episode we’re here to say maybe you can?   Join us as we welcome back to the show the great John and Maria Jose Tenuto to discuss the many ways the 2 big space franchises have influenced each other, the connected roots of their fandoms, the shared creative minds behind the scenes, Ben Burtt’s love for Trek sound and the shocking truth on how George Lucas was and is a Trekker.  

So ahead warp factor 5, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Learn more about John and Maria Jose’s upcoming Star Trek II book here :


We support the SAG-AFTRA / WGA strike! We love this stuff and we want our favorite who make our favorite things people to be treated fairly! 

Episode 324 – The 1977 NPR Splendibulous Star Wars Review

In the summer of 1977, when the world had serious Star Wars Fever, noted film critic Tom Shales snuck out one of the most fascinating reviews of the original film on NPR.  With just one viewing, he was able to make amazing observations about the film that people are still just catching up to almost 45 years later.   Join us as we look at this wild and magical time and thoroughly analyze Tom’s review line by line.   What’s spot on?  What do we not quite agree with it?  How does it make us look at the 77 Star Wars in new ways? PLUS – IS Star Wars the stoned movie you don’t have to be stoned for?  Listen today!