Episode 180 – Starblazer Magazine is the 1985 Nostradamus of Star Wars

Where were you in the summer of 85?  If you’re anything like Tom Spina, you were reading the mind warping STAR WARS IV article in Starblazer magazine!  Join Jason, Gabe and Tom as they look at this bizarre piece of wild Star Wars speculation as it could have only been done in 1985!  For every weird bit of info like “Mark Hamill IS playing Anakin”, there’s oddly perfect predictions for the prequels and even the sequels! Why did Tom keep it, keep thinking of it and why did funky magazines like this mean so much back then?  Join them as they look back,  look at today and shed light on that special Star Wars love that is FOREVER!  So join the EVIL SIDE with Sybil Danning and celebrate the love!