Episode 305 – The Super Live Luke Skywalker – Lee Whittaker!

Sure, we’ve talked about the incredible, legendary epic Japanese stage show THE GEORGE LUCAS SUPER LIVE ADVENTURE before but this week it’s a dream come true as we talk to the one and only LEE WHITTAKER who actually played LUKE SKYWALKER in the actual GLSLA!  Lee was 20 years old and flew off to Japan to be Luke Skywalker onstage in front of George Lucas and wow, he has some incredible stories.   How did he get the role?  What was it like doing the shows?  What is the legacy of The George Lucas Super Live Adventure?  AND SO MANY MORE!  Lee is amazing and this episode is one not to be missed.   

So get Super Live, celebrate the love and listen today!  

Check out Lee’s site here : https://www.leewhittaker.com

BONUS EPISODE – George Lucas Super Live Adventure Super Live Commentary

NEW BONUS EPISODE! in 1993, audiences across Japan got to see a (super) live stage show tribute to the cinema of George Lucas. Willow, Tucker, Indiana Jones, American Graffiti and Star Wars all live featuring singing, dancing and a live tiger. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet YOU TOO can watch this bizarre and beautiful moment in history. Join us for a live commentary of the only known camcorder footage of the entire historic show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hand jive. Watch along with us today!

WATCH IT HERE : youtu.be/xiNY6NuGx4A