Episode 354 – The Mandalorian Chapter 24 “The Return” Freakout 

It’s the season finale of The Mandalorian season 3 and we are diving in like a naked Gideon clone coming out of a tank! Listen as we go over important topics like : expectations, new beginnings, peace & purpose, Raising Arizona and Jiffy Pop! 

So jump out a flaming window like Axe Woves, listen today and celebrate the love!

Episode 353 – The Mandalorian Chapter 23 – “The Spies” Freakout 

The Mandalorian season 3 is almost over and we’re almost dead from the amount of insane STAR WARS we’ve been getting in the past week!  This episode has it all – Mandos, a giant monster, Praetorian Guards, Gideon with a cape and jetpack, red force field walls, Hux’s dad, serious talk and so much more.  AND – who are “the spies”?!  Listen as we gather the evidence and make some cases in court.   So put the X in Hux, yell “THE MANDALORIAN” and listen today!  

Episode 352 – The Mandalorian Chapter 22 – “Guns for Hire” LIVE freakout 

THIS EPISODE WAS INSANE.   We all know it.   Join us as we attempt to recover with this special LIVE recording with both of us in the same room!  We’re talking droids, droid bars, Lizzo, Jack Black, Count Dooku, Mandalorians playing catch and so much more!   What does it all mean and where is it all going?   Listen today & celebrate the love!!

Episode 290 – The Rick Famuyiwa Mandalorian Trilogy

This week it’s all about the mighty Rick Famuyiwa trilogy of Mandalorian episodes : The Child, The Prisoner and The Believer.   Join us as we explore the many reasons why each of these episodes continue to resonate with fans so much and we talk all about how their rich themes connect to his earlier work.  So get out your Disney Gallery CommTech chip set, listen today and celebrate the love!  

Episode 280 – Making of Mando Season 2 Finale Xposed

Join us as this week we take a close up look at all the greatness the Disney Gallery episode on the making of the Mando Season 2 finale gave!  It’s a trip behind the scenes that left us shook and wondering how much Luke is Luke, is Luke Luke and what about Luuke?  From real world issues to secret chili recipes, computer Luke voice and a hot John Knoll dubbed in German, this episode has it all!  So travel into the Deep Core, celebrate the love & listen today!  

Episode 195 – Mandalorian Madness

After getting up at 5am to watch it, join Jason and Gabe as they finally get to talk about the first insane episode of THE MANDALORIAN! Are they still alive? What does it all mean and where could it be going next? And what does it have to do with Crocodile Dundee and Renesmee from Twilight? Listen today & celebrate the love, don’t you agree?!

PLUS: A new Star Wars Special Edition, Maclunkey & Granny Squadron hits Disney +! 

Episode 145 – The Anthony Daniels Incredibly Improved Wonder Column Survival Experience

Did you know Anthony Daniels recorded a CD in 1999 of him telling stories about the filming of the original trilogy?  Did you know this chart topping CD also featured an odd side story about R2 and 3PO lost in space?   We didn’t either!  Now you can join in as we attempt to listen to the whole 60 plus minute thing!!   How much Anthony Daniels telling non stop stories can we take before we give up?  Tune in and find out!!

PLUS :  Mandalorian Madness!  Corn Dogs at Galaxy’s Edge and SNOKETOBERFEST!!

So fire up those Jawa eyes, take it to the limit and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!

Listen to the whole thing here :



Episode 144 – Unfinished Clone Wars business & the Bad Batch that’s so good

Saved, The Clone Wars are and Jason and Gabe are joining the Clone Army in the fight!!  This week is all about unfinished Clone Wars, what stories have been hinted at, what came out in books or comics, what was almost done and may be yet to come when Anakin, Obi-Wan  and Ahsoka Tano return next year!  They also take an in depth look at the incredible almost finished Bad Batch arc of episodes and wonder why they’ve never watched them before and discuss how that may hint at the future of Clone Wars!!

‪PLUS: The Mandalorian is still freaking us out, Episode 9 filming location speculation and SNOKETOBERFEST

So pray to a tree & celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!!

Watch Bad Batch on StarWars.com or YouTube


Episode 183 – Raiders of the Star Wars Lost Cut

Is there a version of Star Wars out there that is not Star Wars?  What makes Star Wars what it is and just why is the film’s unique editing style so vital to it’s success?  Jason and Gabe examine the mystery and legend of the mythical “lost cut” of Star Wars!  What is this “lost cut”?  It is the very different early black and white rough edit version of ANH that was neither faster or more intense!  Who’s seen it?  How did it happen?  Where is it?  What bits of it are already out there? Tune in as we go over what’s been released, what only a few people have seen and wonder what other mysteries the original 1977 film could still have.

‪PLUS : We completely loose our minds over The Mandalorian! wonder about where Resistance could go! and the return of SNOKETOBERFEST!!

So go find Desmond in the hatch and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!!