EPISODE 229 – The Power of the Power of the Force Figures

This week we are taking it way back to 1995 and the figures that lit the spark that burned many wallets, The Power of the Force line.  These muscular, buff versions of the characters are often mocked and laughed at but they hold a very unique place in not just Star Wars toy history, but fandom history as well.  How did these so important toys come about?  What’s their story and how is their unique legacy still felt today? 

PLUS : Amazing Power of the Force figure stories from YOU, the listeners!  

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Episode 214 – The Phantom Toys (Kenner’s Episode VII – The Epic Continues)

We all know the story of Kenner’s infamous run of Star Wars toys is the stuff of legend but did you know that as the line began to fade away, Kenner almost created their own Star Wars legend?  In 1984, they proposed a new post-ROTJ story where Han, Luke and an alien named Mongo Beefhead battled against the evil Atha Prime, his army of Clone Warriors and a not dead Grand Moff Tarkin!  How was this created?  What would it even have been like?  How could it have changed Star Wars forever?  It’s an epic story that has to be heard to be believed!!  Join us as we explore the truths, the legends and the tall tales of the phantom toy line, THE EPIC CONTINUES!

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Episode 56 – The Big, Blazing Star Wars Power of the Force Toy Commercials


This week Jason and Gabe take a look at the weird and wonderful Star Wars toy commercials of the 1990s!  It was a time when Luke and Han had giant muscles and everything was BIG & BLAZING!!   Hear them talk about being fans in that era, how Star Wars toy crazy they were then and just how much Jason paid for a Lando figure and a French Speeder Bike back then!  Before all that there is the news with Donnie Yen playing piano, Han Solo stuff, Rian Johnson talking Episode 8 and news on Blast Points going to Disney World!   So celebrate the love and listen today!

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