Episode 360 – Catching Up with David W. Collins and the Sound of Star Wars

This week we are thrilled to welcome back to Blast Points, Skywalker Sound’s David W. Collins!  Since we last talked a couple of years ago, David was nominated for an Emmy for his sound work on The Book of Boba Fett, led the way with Tales of the Jedi and The Bad Batch season 2 and was the sound designer for that little thing called The Mandalorian season 3.  Join us as we go over all of that and more as we explore what went into creating sounds for so much of the recent stuff we’ve loved.  What’s the secret sound in Gorian Shard’s voice, what was the inspiration for Gideon’s mech suit and where can you hear the sound of Jon Favreau’s dog?  

So, listen today & celebrate the love!    

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Episode 357 – Visions Volume 2 For Me and You

Star Wars Visions volume 2 is here and we seriously can’t get enough of it.  From goofy Wedge moments and a space train chased by horses to the deepest deep stuff with a Sith Mother and a Spy Dancer!  Visions is the dream of Lucasfilm made real and we’re talking about each of the shorts for five delirious minutes each!   What ones are our favorites and which ones need another watch?  

So get out your Thumb Wars DVDS and buy all your official Wedge merchandise and listen today! 

Episode 287 – David W. Collins and the Sound of Star Wars

This week we are thrilled to welcome back sound designer / mixer for Skywalker Sound and friend of the show, David W. Collins!  Join us as we get caught up and learn all about what went into creating the world of sounds for The Bad Batch, the bold audio choices of Star Wars Visions and the fascinating stories behind our favorites, Biomes and Galaxy of Sounds!  You’ll laugh a little, you’ll learn a lot and just like us, you’re likely to be fascinated by every word David says!  So get out those headphones, listen today and celebrate the love!

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Check out his awesome podcast, The Soundtrack Show!


Episode 284 – Star Wars Visions of Love

Here’s the short of it : Star Wars Visions is here and we liked it a lot.  Actually, we loved it and in this episode we are looking at just what makes it so special, why we connected with it. which shorts sent us over the top and which ones benefit from a second viewing?  Join us as we celebrate the joys of No Rules Star Wars and compare Visions to the Beatles White Album!  So find that golden statue of George Lucas, listen today and celebrate the love!