Episode 378 – Journal of the Wilhelm Screams

Sure, we all love the classic WILHELM SCREAM and we all know the fun Ben Burtt story behind it BUT only Blast Points is brave enough to tell you all the times it played in Star Wars from 1977 to 2005!  And only Blast Points is rating each Wilhelm based on their unique traits and falvors!  What about the Holiday Special?  And do we talk about all four times there’s Wilhelms in ROTJ?  YES!  It’s WilhelmMania!  

PLUS – week 3 of SNOKETOBERFEST Kino Loy style!  

So get bitten by an alligator, celebrate the love and listen today!  

We support the SAG-AFTRA strike! We love this stuff and we want our favorite who make our favorite things people to be treated fairly!