Episode 363 – INDY MONTH – The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Chronicles

Indy Month continues and this week we are talking about George Lucas’ passion project, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles!  Barely seen for years and often misunderstood, Lucas wanted the Young Indy show to educate kids about history and just maybe his dream is finally happening!  Listen as we explore how the show came to be, the challenges it faced in the early 1990s and how it paved the way for the eventual Star Wars prequels.   AND:  hear our brief. spoiler free reactions to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny!  

So call up your favorite soda jerk and listen today!  

Episode 161 – The Legend of Rick McCallum

Phantom Menace Year continues as we examine THE LEGEND OF RICK MCCALLUM. He’s the superstar producer of the prequels, one man mega hype machine and we do love him. Join us as we explore the myths, tall tales and facts of the only and only “duuuuude” that is Rick!  How did he get started, how did we first learn of him, does he have a giant blue ox and what are some of his greatest moments?  Tune as we go over all things associated with this living legend that helped usher in the age of digital cinema and pushed to get Lucas’ wildest ideas on screen.  PLUS : listener McCallum stories & the debut of the McCallum folk song that’s taking the world by storm!  So get f*#$ing awesome, celebrate the love & listen today!!